Possible clue for SFGam's new coaster

Thursday, October 5, 2000 10:15 AM
I was there the last day before Fright Fest, Sep 17th, and I noticed there is a new LED monitor in the stairs for the Batman queue. I noticed that it had strange messages about the Joker and some other villains. I didn't have enough time to read it effectively and that's all I remember about it. This might be the clue to discovering the name for the new Super Invertigo, or it might be about the proposed 2nd coaster. Has anyone seen this, or can anyone who's visiting SFGam this weekend report on this?
Thursday, October 5, 2000 12:56 PM

Thursday, October 5, 2000 12:57 PM
The second coaster could be Joker's Jinx as a premier launched ride has been rumored. I have never ridden that ride, but if it's anything like Outer Limits at Paramount, then I hope they don't put it in.
Thursday, October 5, 2000 1:09 PM
If any of the park managers at SFGAm have ridden Joker's Jinx, then they probably wouldn't install one. That ride is TERRIBLE!!!!!!
Thursday, October 5, 2000 1:20 PM
Anyone have any pictures (of the Joker's Jinx)?

Randy Hutchinson
You build it, I'll ride it
Thursday, October 5, 2000 3:18 PM

Here's a decent page for Joker's Jinx pictures, ever though there is only 4 of them...

Thursday, October 5, 2000 5:51 PM
Does anybody like the Premier launched rides besides me? I liked Outer Limits more than SOB!! Who cares if it is rough, you know that you have fun being blasted in the darkness. ANYWAYS, I wouldn't take the Joker thing as much, Six Flags uses various themes for various different types of coasters. We all are just going to have to wait, ugh I can't handle it! Just tell us!

Coasters- a little slice of heaven
Thursday, October 5, 2000 6:29 PM

I like them at least. The launch into that maelstrom of steel is amazing. Thank god for Werner Stangle and for Premier for getting better track after OL:FOF. JJ at SFA is actually very smooth if you know when to brace for the one or two sudden jerks. One of those would be a great addition to SFGAm.
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