I enjoy reading this website but I can't stand all the popups. Is there any way to get rid of them without joining the club? I just can't afford to pay right now but the popups are driving me crazy.

Please no flaming.

I'm 33 years old.

Thank you.

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33 years old, and still doesn't know better... ::sigh:: when will the world ever learn?

Did you try searching this subject already? It gets brought up once a month or so, and obviously you knew that, or else you wouldn't have asked to 86 the flaming.

I'm sure, since you are aware of the flaming that goes along with this, that you are also aware of the answer?

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Actually, Raven-Phile, I don't think search is working. ;) I think the real question is, how can you not afford 20 bucks a year? I mean, you are on a website that focuses on coasters which are in theme parks that cost a lot of money to go to... I don't know...just my two cents...

Certain victory.

I always thought that on the podcast that Jeff says when you pay the $20 a year, that you will get the website "at" free. I thought you get it at free anyway.

What he was really saying is that you get the website ad free. I never realized that till recently.

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When I opened the site on a fresh install of Firefox, with no software or browsing history that would spawn popups, I got 4 pop up ads the second I landed on the site. I understand that ads are necessary to pay for hosting and give Jeff an incentive to work on the site, but one is more than adequate per page view...
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I am a club member and I have my log in saved on my home computer, so I don't have to deal with any ads usually. But when I try to log on from another computer I can't even type my user id and password until I get 2 - 3 pop ups first. It is kind of annoying.

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I'm just not interested in having this discussion for the hundredth time.


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Closed topic.

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