Poor SFOT Shockwave, whatsup with the paint!?

I think it was originally white. I rode it when it was silver and blue. Then when I worked at the park summer '95, it was like white and cream, with pepto bismal pink loop interiors. Now it's a weird blue and green, with just sick looking trains.

There was an "IN" coaster enthusiast who was gonna ask the park president at the time why the thing was painted so weird (back in '95) and basically he said 'something is being done about it'.

The thing is such a great classic ride, think they'd come up with a decent paint job. I mean, those trains look awful!

I like the green and blue scheme they got on it now lol...

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I'd ride it over and over even if it were dull black and gray with ugly yellow and junk strewn all around it.... ;)

The best looping coaster ever... :)

P.S. Yeah, that was a fun little poke at B:TR...
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Well... my fav is Mindbender, but Shocker is a close 3rd or 4th, in my book :) Sure, the ride at night is to die for. But those colors!!!???
There was an article in Roller Coaster magazine a few years back that highlighted all the color schemes. There were something like six or seven, even though some were just evolutions of previous ones. I can't say that I like the colors but if the ride is nearly as good as SFOG's Mindbender, it could be painted anything and it's still be a masterpiece.
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If I were to put on my "honesty cap", I'd be forced to say something along these lines.

Mindbender has a special place in my heart, it's the Anton I've ridden more than any other (yes, including BGT/A's Scorpion). I've ridden the daylights out of the masterpiece, even to the point of ERT rides when *everyone* but the ops had moved on to the big new Beemer. Color scheme, setting, the landscaping and terrain, all help to make it arguably "the best looping Anton in the States". Both have perfect loops, and huge pops of airtime (which outside of Antons you don't generally find on loopers).

Sp why am *I* the one arguing for the ride in Texas? Well, more instances of sharp (ejector) airtime. Somewhat more interesting layout. Sure, the color schemes have ranged from drab to downright fugly, but the RIDE is still the ride. And I kinda like the terrain on Shockwave, sure it's not USED the way the GA terrain is, but it's still fun to look down and see creek below you. Plus I'm always a *little* biased against the more familiar rides. In NO way does it approach "contempt", LOL.

They're both absolutely fabulous rides, and they're FIRMLY planted in my Top Ten steelies (the only looping coasters that I know will NOT be exiting anytime soon). You can't go wrong with either ride, they're both supercalafragilisticexpealladocious...or something. ;)
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^Pretty much agree with you rollergator! It's tough. They're both such prizes. I've often wondered (fantasized) what it would be like if many of the Arrows that we have were instead built by Anton/Intamin/Werner...

Imagine the Loch Ness Monster, Vortex, Orient Express, Demon with no shoulder bars and those big echo-y loops! We'd be in Heaven! I mean, I do have Arrow love, but the love I have for Shocker, Mindbender is much greater! They are so special. And to a slightly lesser degree, Revolution and Sooperdooperlooper.

If I am correct, the loops on the Anton coasters are perfect (almost) circles and not elliptical right? That changes the forces through the elements? Whatever it is, Mindbender is easily my favorite roller coaster at SFOG (exception for Goliath).

If you think things can't get worse it's probably because you lack sufficient imagination.

No no no no no... well, apparently, they are 'clothoids' a mathematical shape that has constantly shortening radii until the top, then mirror image. I don't think any loops is truly clothoid, well maybe B&M....

The Revolutions loop is circular at least half way up to half way down. After that, Anton/Werner modified the shape. Now that's a loop! Shockwave, Mindbender, and SDL and the shuttles have nearly 'perfect' shaped loops, IMHO.

Now the Arrows. The real 'teardrop' shape. Up until Tenn. Tornado, Arrow loops are pretty too damn forcefull. Thanks ron!

I see. Maybe it's deception. If you look at, let's say Scorpion or Mindbender's loop(s), they look like true circles. I am certainly no mathematician but they do. Even with riding the curve seems the same all the way through.

Arrow loops are crazy, very rough. Tennessee Tornado's loops look sort of deformed, the entrance and exit of the main loop are far away from each other and the loop itself looks like a true circle.

If you think things can't get worse it's probably because you lack sufficient imagination.

IIRC, Anton coasters were built with loops of two different sizes. I'm pretty sure most coasters feature the same loop (SFOG's Mindbender, SFOT's Shockwave, the shuttle loops, double loops, etc.) while a handful feature smaller loops (BGA's Scorpion) and a smaller group feature both (Edmonton's Mindbender). In fact, it's quite possible the only Anton coasters to have featured completely unique inversions are Olympia Looping and Thriller.

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