Poor Kid

I was browsing the internet and came across this video. I don't know if anybody has seen it before but it is just alittle bit disturbing to watch this kid scream and his mother just laugh.


That's REALLY old.
Holy crap!! What kind of ride is that? It looked like the kid was hanging by his chin(s) in the restraint!!

But then again, what do I know?

It's a Slingshot/Ejection Seat/Reverse Bungee etc... It appears that the straps were not properly around the kids shoulders.

Schwarzkopf shuttle loops...The most possible fun in 36 seconds.

I would have beat the s**t out of my mom had that happened to me and she laughed at me like that...

Haha no I'm not giving Patrick the finger

I don't think the mom could see what was happening with the restraint though.
Ya, she probably thought her kid's reaction to the ride was normal and a bit exaggerated so she didn't take it seriously in the slightest bit and was probably enjoying her ride too much to really think that her son came close to falling out...turns out he almost could've fallen out. He was too fat and improperly strapped in....as well as having his bottom slip out from under the seat, meaning all this weight was on those straps. Did I mention he was fat.
Even with the kids weight one of the ride ops had to make a massive mistake with the restraints themselves. From what is seen it doesn't look like it was a equipment failure. Has anything like that ever happened on other rides of this type?
It looks like the lap and crotch restraint wasn't tight enough, allowing him to submarine under the shoulder straps.

I think I actually saw that on AFV once.

I'm glad he made it out of there. I don't expect he will be logging in and filing a trip report.

Here's To Shorter Lines & Longer Trip Reports!

I'm glad he didn't make it out of there. That would have had a more negative outcome. ;)
I really wish I knew what park that happened at. I know at least one more person that will cringe when riding past a amusement park.
I remeber seeing that clip on Americas Funniest Home Videos a couple of years ago.

Top Three Parks: 1) Islands of Adventure 2) Bucsh Gardens Europe 3) Six Flags Magic Mountain
Yeah - it's really not funny at all.
I wonder what kind of psychological predisposition you need to laugh at that -
somehow it reminds me of the "supposedly funny" scenes with Augustus Gloop in Charly and the Cholocolate Factory.
What's so great about torturing obese children?

airtime for everyone

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