Polynesian resort rooms converted to DVC time-shares at Walt Disney World

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Time-share suites are becoming a larger part of Walt Disney World's lodging portfolio. The resort's number of hotel rooms has shrunk as its Polynesian Village Resort converts rooms in three of its buildings into 360 new time-share villas. It's the resort's largest-ever conversion of hotel rooms into units for its growing Disney Vacation Club.

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I've done the math for DVC many times (mostly before I lived in Orlando), and I just don't quite see the value unless you can pay for it mostly up front and not finance it.

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At first I read the headline as "Polynesian restrooms converted to DVC time-shares" and I was wondering just how spacious these bathrooms must be.

We bought into DVC about 6 years ago via resale. We were able to pay out of pocket so it made sense for us. We typically stayed in moderate resorts before we joined. When we did the math we were only going to be saving money if we visited no less than once a year, which we do. If you stay in value resorts or visit less than once a year then you are wasting your money. The people that have to finance are also losing money just to obtain a "status". If we ever decided to buy more points it would again be through resale even though they have placed restrictions so you can't exchange them into Adventures by Disney anymore. Buying direct from Disney is just crazy expensive. We look forward to trying Polynesian but the points per night might price us out because we only own a modest 170 points at Boardwalk.

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Does anyone have experience with renting points? I know there are a few websites out there. Seems like you can get a pretty reasonable discount on DVC rooms, depending on the season.

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Jeff said:

I just don't quite see the value unless you can pay for it mostly up front and not finance it.

Yep, that's about right. Even buying on the secondary market, financing pushes it into the red pretty quickly.

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