Polk County businesses prepare for arrival of Legoland Florida

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In morning and afternoon sessions at an economic development forum, Berkeley Young and associates from his firm along with representatives from both Legoland Florida and Polk County government helped local business and tourism leaders outline plans to get Polk County ready for visitors to a modern internationally-known amusement park.

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My son (7) learned the park was coming as he was surfing his Lego websites. I had intended on keeping this a secret until the park was a little closer to reality. I'm so screwed. For the next year or so all I'm going to be hearing is, "is it built yet"?

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And of course a "year or so" is like, three decades to a 7-year-old. :)

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Is it built yet?

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And if not, when is it gonna be done?!?

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staticman00 said:
Is it built yet?


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