Police charge Busch Gardens Tampa cashier in theft of ticket money

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When Busch Gardens heard that a cashier was voiding sales and pocketing ticket money, the company set up a sting with Tampa police. An undercover officer tried to get the employee to void a sale Sunday, but it didn't work. Later in the day, as police watched, the guest services worker voided another transaction and kept $50 in cash, authorities said.

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Whereas the clerk deserved to be caught - I find it incredible that it took BGT this long to catch her - What kind of accounting/cash control system did they have that didn't show basic void reporting? This is retail 101?!

There are many revenue issues at the year round Busch parks.

I just think it interesting that there is any ticket money to be stolen at that park. I presume it is the international business. Between extraordinarily high ticket prices, the high availability of credit cards and debit cards, presales and Internet tickets, not to mention the fact that most customers get cleaned out at the parking tollbooth, I figured most of the bigger parks take in very little cash through the ticket booths these days.

The real money, not to mention the potentially really loose accounting to go with it, is in the parking lot.

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I was surprised to learn in my short stint as a cashier at a major park that roughly 50% of the ticket transactions are still paid for in cash. What was even more surprising was that most people paid full price despite easily available discounts and coupons.

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