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I'm thinking of heading to Cedar Point during the Point Buzz event. How are the crowds for this event? Should I plan anther weekend to come? I haven't been to CP in 4 years and I want to take the family and have a good time.


I think 2008's BooBuzz saw one of the busiest Saturdays at the park. It was probably the busiest I've ever seen it.

This year's BooBuzz is on a Friday, so I wouldn't expect massive crowds. But as always that time of year, crowd size depends largely on the weather that day.

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Friday Halloweekends nights are almost always some of the least busy days of the season. Especially if Sandusky or other local high schools have home football games the night you go. Saturday will be insanely busy unless the weather is horrible, but Friday could be like summer and it still wouldn't be busy at all.

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Friday Halloweekends are a lot less busy than Saturdays and Sundays, in my experience of working at the park for three seasons. Lines are very short. It's your best bet!

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Friday nights in the fall is my favorite time to visit Cedar Point. All the coasters have wonderfully short waits, the atmosphere of the park is awesome, and the weekend vacationers are trickling in and happy. Can't recommend it enough!

Saturdays are brutal however, and Sundays are pretty slow. This is all in my experience so your mileage may vary!

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There is no PointBuzz event. PointBuzz doesn't have events. Do you mean BooBuzz?

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Opps I mean Point Fest. September 18th.

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Oh now i see... he was just spelling Pointfest wrong all along... ;)

You're getting closer!

I call Cedar Point my home park even though I live in the Chicago Suburbs.

D_vo you got me!


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Well they did it once, last year, and it seemed like a bust to me.

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Thanks everyone!

9/16 and 9/17 we are going to hit Kalahari. Then CP 9/17 and 9/18 staying at Breakers Express.


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Jeff said:
There is no PointBuzz event. PointBuzz doesn't have events.

Maybe we should!

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Oooo, Casting Crowns. I wouldn't mind seeing them and I think that's the weekend we are going to go for Halloweekends.

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