Point-and-Shoot Camera Recommendation?

Within the past year I bought a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT. I love the camera but it is a bit of a hassle bringing a DSLR camera with to amusement parks. I am looking to get a point-and-shoot camera that takes a quality picture, has a fast shutter speed, and can fit easily into a cargo pocket. I've been looking at Canon, Sony, and Nikon. Does anyone have any experience with these cameras or a recommendation? Thanks.


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I'd suggest Canon, one of the Powershot A5 models.
I'm also a big fan of Canon. I currently use the Powershot sd450, which is a older version of their sd line. It looks like the current two are sd870 and sd950. They are your standard point-and-shoot and are small enough to fit in any pocket. Durable as well.

The only problems I've had are night shots, but I wouldn't expect much from a point-and-shoot at night.

I would go with a Canon A720 IS or the A570 IS. The 720IS comes with 6x optical zoom and the A570 is 4x. Try buying it off ebay since they can give you many more extras than buying it retail.
I was definitely leaning towards the Canons based on my experience with the XT. Now it jst solidifies it.

Is the Image Stabilization worth the extra $25? It seems to me like the A560 and A570 are almost identical except for the IS.

^And I don't think I need any of the extras. I have more than enough batteries and SD cards.

PowerShot G7 is fantastic. All of the recent shots on themeparks.ie were taken with it.

Hey Dog, it is worth it. I bought my canon a570IS on ebay for just under $165 brand new including shipping. I also got a 4 gb sdhc card along with a few extras.
I've been close to a couple Sonys. Aside from the proprietary memory and batteries, they really are great cameras. I loved my N2's touchscreen and slender form factor.
I'd recommend the SONY DSC T-100...or the T-200 (the touch screen version). I've had my T-100 since April 2007 when it was first released and have been incredibly happy with it. It's capable of shooting in high-definition ratio, has face detection, 1-second startup time, anti-shake mechanisms, an incredible video recorder with in-video zoom and is packed in a really slim and compact metal casing.


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If you have a DSLR, and understand exposure and now to use it, then I strongly suggest you get a camera that allows you to play with those. Usually the smaller they get, the less control you have.

I have the Canon A710 IS, which I think was replaced with the 720, and I dig it. I think the IS does help, especially if you're being a nutty tourist and not really trying to be still. For landscape type photos with the zoom wide open, you should still be shooting at the fastest shutter speed possible anyway, but the IS does lend itself toward a little more sharpness.

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I actually have an old Fuji point-and-shoot but hate it. It does too much without being flexible. That's one thing I love about the DSLR. I need to think about the shot before I take it. I do love messing around with the shutter and aperature priority. Thanks everyone for your advice.
I agree with kRaXLeRidAh: go with the Sony DSC T100.

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I've had really good experience with it: it's really easy to use, takes beautiful shots, has some nice image stabilization, the LCD is beautiful, and it's very slim. And unlike the other recommendations, this camera WILL actually fit in your shirt pocket.


As CNET points out, the t100 is much better than the t200 - so definitely go with the t100 if you can find it.
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You just cannot go wrong with Cannon.
^ See Canon Digital Rebel EOS 300D.

You just cannot go wrong with Ron Paul.


I was looking to buy a new digital camera last spring and my brother recommended what he has: the Canon S3IS. As a photographer I am definitely a coaster enthusiast, but my brother is an excellent amateur photographer who after over 2 years with the camera says he hasn't outgrown it yet. I find it extremely easy to use in auto mode and am just beginning to scratch the surface of what it can do in other modes. It is 6MP with a 12X optical zoom. I'm sure their newer models are very much like this one.

Also when you think you have decided on a model, I would recommend going to Flickr and doing a search on that camera. It will show you actual photos taken with that model.

I've got an old Canon Powershot SD400 (for reference, from a whole 3+ years ago when that was a 5MP camera), and the only thing I've ever been tempted to do was replace it with a newer, higher MP model of the same thing. I love it to bits and it takes fantastic photos, and from what I've seen of the newer models, they follow that mold nicely, with improvements like image stabilization and better low light photos. Also, regardless of what you get, might I recommend a Joby Gorillapod ( http://www.joby.com/products/gorillapod/ ) if you plan on doing night park photography? I find I can crumple it up so it fits in a cargo pocket and you can mount the thing on almost anything. Very handy and pretty cheap!


I owned the Canon
A620 7mp can be found less then $100
A640 10mp I got new on ebay less then $199

Now own the A570 IS 7mp New on ebay $132 with rechargeable batteries 2gb SD case etc.
it still has the 640x480 video recording and has the Imaged Stabilization, takes only 2 AA batteries.
Also this model takes the New Highspeed HCSD cards which are much faster at reading the the SD card. I have a 4gb HCSD card in mine.They can be now found for under $29

I'm happy for now with the A570is and the reviews are great
PM if you need a link and great price.

These also take Video LIKE a Camcorder
Here is a movie taken with the A570 IS


Great reviews below





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I really trust the DPreview.com reviews. That's a great site. Some of the really technical stuff isn't all that important, but having seen so many cameras, they have a great sense of comparison.

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Wow. That's a nice looking video.
Yes that is one of the reason I bought it
640x480 30fps is TV size

there also is a 60 fps settings for faster action . maybe like a Rollercoaster ?

Yes I love the Canons

I also found the 570is on ebay for around $68 it was missing the Dial but all i did was turn it with a needle nose pliers to auto and it works fine.

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