PNE Playland quick-stop July 2

Roller Coaster was running beautifully in the morning heat.

Corkscrew was also running smooth.

Wild Mouse - was doing extensive testing early in the day. We were the first riders on at 11:45 am. It's rickety condition adds to the thrill-factor.

Log Flume - got us good and wet. Perfect!

The fact this park is less than two miles from home is a big plus for me. However, the safety operations make me a little nervous. The seat bottoms on Roller Coaster are unfastened and mine slid forward several inches during the ride. (Ride op response was not to fasten them, but to shrug and say "They're all like that.") The same ride ops encouraged guests to unload while the train was still moving into the station. A couple weeks ago, Playland's public relations spokeswoman told local TV crews that the Hellevator was still operating after the SFKK accitent because "that tower had cables and ours moves by air pressure." (The fact that Hellevator's cars are attached to air pistons by cables visible in the TV footage seemed to escape them.) My wife noticed that many of the warning signs around the park were written poorly, like a bad translation. (We hope staff can read their operations and maintenance manuals.)

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Hellevator at PNE, seen here:

S&S ride. Only the Intamin 2nd-gen and 3rd-gen were shut down.

Coaster....I just plain *love* that thing... :)

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