PNE Playland April 25, 2009 - opening weekend, first coaster ride for kiddo

We hit up Playland this morning. We would have done it yesterday, but it was cold and rainy, while today is mostly sunny and warm.

Big news - my 20 month old daughter absolutely loved riding the Kettle Creek Mine coaster. She rode first with her mother, she didn't say much, but lifted one hand in the air on one of the hills. At the brake run at the end, she shouted out "One more time!" After several more laps, she cheered and held her hands up for most of the course. Definitely her favorite.

Playland has a reasonable selection of rides that can be enjoyed by little kids. All have a 36" height requirement, but some are '36" and under require adult supervision' and some are 'must be 36" to ride'. Rides that my daughter could not experience included the flying elephants, cars, motorcycles, boats, and Ferris wheel.

As for the adult roller coasters, Roller Coaster, the ACE classic woodie, is running perfectly. I forgot how much ejector air you get in the back -- there's a welt on my thigh from where I banged my keys on the single-position lap bar on the 4th or 5th drop. :) Corkscrew is running normal -- it's running as smooth as any similar corkscrew coaster. No significant lines for either coaster this early in the season.

Despite nice views of the mountains, Playland looks the part of an inner city amusement park. Sure, they hosed down the pavement and attractions, but they didn't repaint any more than they absolutely had to. The only greenery is around the only semi-permanent attractions: Wooden Roller Coaster, Kettle Creek Mine (kiddy coaster) and Honeybee Express (train). We also witnessed guests losing their lunch in garbage cans less than two hours after the gate opened. Based solely on appearances, they were likely still drunk / high from the night before, and tried to conquer the pirate ship. At least they had the fortitude to make it to the garbage cans and not make a mess on the ride. Pirate Ship 2 - Foolish guests 0.

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Glad to hear Coaster is back to kicking ass and taking names. Last time I was there (Fall of 2006) it was running really slow and disappointed me big time. The year before it was downright amazing!

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Sounds like a lot of fun. I've tried to squeeze in a Playland trip a couple of times when in Vancouver but the weather always gets in the way. We usually head out to Whistler for the TELUS music fest and for spring skiing which wraps up right around opening weekend for Playland. Didn't make it this year but will try to make it happen next!

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