Please help im only 13... Probs going to europapark this year.

So yea im going to europapark on germany but im like 1.65 meters good for height limiut BUT.... im skinny like not tooooooo much but yea i dont think 43 kg is good. So i was never scared of coasters in my life but like in launch or high speed coasters... Also only with the lap bar... like im scared of slipping off the seat :( could somebody help ? it would be better if he was or is 13 and rode the Blue Fire ride, or rides like kingda ka or top thrill dragster or any launch coaster.

Let's just say that Mack Rides, GCI, and B&M, who designed all the major rides in Europa Park have almost perfect safety records, and no recorded deaths. They are the safest rides you will ever ride.

Hey, let's ride (random Intamin coaster). What? It's broken down? I totally didn't expect that.

One of my mentors is stationed in Germany and has a son roughly the same size as what you are describing and had no issues getting on any of the rides there. I'm jealous that you are going and hope you have a great time.

Top 5- 1) MF 2) Apollos Chariot 3) Schreechin Eagle (RIP) 4) Iron Rattler 5) Steel Eel

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I've seen plenty of kids who appear to be around 100 pounds ride the big rides here in the U.S.. Once you ride a few, you'll know what to expect, and you'll probably get used to it quite easily.


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I was there in September, spent two days, and I thought it was far and away one of the best parks I've ever visited. If not THE best.

So you're thirteen- I hope you take the time to notice and appreciate the surroundings and the exquisite theming the park offers. The family rides and areas geared toward young riders are done so well, with every bit of attention paid to them as they do the big stuff. As far as thrill rides go, there are plenty from unique coasters to flats. Water rides there are awesome. Dark rides are, too. I made it my business to ride just about everything they have and was completely impressed.

Euro Mir, Eurosat, and Wodan are big rides you'll enjoy, not too extreme, and they might be perfect if you're still getting your coaster legs. Don't miss Arthur, a really great family-friendly coaster/dark ride combo. High thrill coasters include Silver Star and Blue Fire, both a lot of fun. But if you shy away from the big stuff, Europa is the perfect place to get your start. There's plenty of fun, milder attractions.

Don't worry about your safety or fitting comfortably. The rides are secure for guys your size. Wait til your old and over 200 lbs before you worry about flying out.

I used to be really short and really skinny, and I would ride every ride I could possibly go on and I'm still in one piece! When I was younger living near New York I would go to SFGAdv and ride kingda ka all the time after it opened in 2005. Also, most every ride these days has been tested with every size of rider in mind and is generally very safe. I say go for it bro and don't let your worries keep you from having fun!

I go to Europa Park every year as I think it is one of the best parks in Europe(probably the best), but it is not a park that is known for extreme coasters. They are pretty much family oriented coasters. Even Blue Fire is not that extreme. The beauty of the park is to take it all in, sit down, relax, have some food at the coaster cafe for lunch and maybe fundue(oh so good) for dinner.

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