Playland, Rye

Friday, August 11, 2000 6:47 PM
Any one ever been to playland, a small park in Rye, NY? It has 3 coasters, kiddie, hurricane, and the Dragon Coaster. My favorite is the dragon coaser because of its history and airtime. They also have a 2 drop log flume which is very fun and a 85 foot s+s double shot. The only problem in my opinion is that rides are expensive. It is 75 cents a ticket and the double shot is 6 tickets! Thats 4.50! you can go on the tallest coaster in the world in Japan for double that which seems worth it!
Friday, August 11, 2000 10:33 PM
We were going to hit Playland on the way home from our New England trip but money was getting low. Do they have a pay one price wristband deal? It seems sorta silly if they didn't. What all do they have at Playland I only know about the coasters. Isn't the Dragon Coaster the one Mirah Carey rode in her one video?

Parks hit for 2000!
Saturday, August 12, 2000 6:39 AM
No I dont think They do have pay one admission. The rides are as follows (does not include all, only ones ive rode)
Chaos, DRAGON COASTER, HURRICANE , indoor scrambler, 2 haunted houses, boast riding of a lake, go karts, Double shot, lots of kiddy rides, simulator, bumper cars, KIDDIE COASTER, slides, minature golf, small arcade, lots of games, old mill ride (fun at night) starship 2000, and some other riddes i cant think of, yes Maria Carey did ride the dragon coaster and on my 3 rides last time in the park, I rode in the front where she sat!
Friday, August 18, 2000 8:25 PM
My Grandmother and mother grew up in that park. Rideing the Airplane coaster. I have never been. I heard that they have a racing merry-go-round that goes really really fast.
Sunday, August 20, 2000 9:38 AM
Went there recently for the WPLJ Day.

It's a boardwalk type park. It's OK, but IMO not really worth spending a lot of time there. Granted, we try to ride them all, but sometimes I question my own enthusiasm.

Watch out for the Hurricane, it looks innocent, but there's one very sharp turn that can take your head off.

The dark rides were not well run. Several times while waiting in line, people who were getting out of a car got nailed by another car. Knocked one lady right off her feet.

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