Plans for Orlando Thrill Park meet mixed reactions

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The residents of Tangelo Park raised concerns about noise and traffic that could come with the theme park. That could make for a tough sell for developers of the Orlando Thrill Park. Local businesses like Fun Spot believe the park would help all businesses in the area, including their own.

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International Drive is already nightmare on ice. This would only exacerbate the problem. I guess they want to be in the entertainment hotbed.....but there is so much vacant land over in Kissimmee/Celebration area.

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Yeah but it's Kissimmee, I prefer to avoid going to Kissimmee when ever possible. The land looks too small for a park, but just to the east there is vacant land along the Turnpike that is the slightly larger than Sea World Orlando's complex.

I think that they should go to the Kissimmee area and build it. The Orlando area is way too flooded with parks, hotels, entertainment complexes perod!

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Orlando is a tourist destination. What would you expect?

I've been to the area where they are proposing this new park many times. when I lived in Orlando, I went to the movie theater in that area to get away from all the coasters and attractions. I seem to remember in the exact plot of land, that there were talks of a Nascar themed park. This was ten years ago.

A mini Ceadr Point style park sounds very interesting. The Orlando area, as well as Kissimmee, would be perfect for this kind of attraction, because of the busy tourism there. I think it would be pretty successful no matter where in that area they put it.

I don't see it going near Tangelo Park though. Not everyone wants a busy, noisy theme park built in there back yard.

Some of the new rides we have today are very quiet other than screams from people riding them. The mixed reactions I think come from people who just want something to complain about. I mean there was going to be a supermarket built a town over from where I live and people, who had almost no reason to complain, sued the supermarket people and the place ended up not building it after people complained for like 10 years. I think that this Orlando thrill park could go on for a long time before anything ever happens.

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