Planning Hershey Park Trip in September - Need Advice

Hey there,

I'm working on planning a trip for my husband and I to Hershey Park on a Saturday in September. I'm tossed between September 1st and September 15th. September 1st is Labor Day weekend - will the park be swamped with tons of people? September 15th is mid-September - will the water rides be closed by then? My husband is definitely a water park kinda guy, and I might not be able to do coasters so the water rides may be my only option.

Thank you in advance for your pearls of wisdom!

- E

Their website shows that the waterpark is open daily at 10:00am until dusk, so it will be open anytime you choose to go.

Are you pregnant? Can't ride the coasters? You'll be missing out on some good coasters if you can't ride, but there should be plenty for you to do.

Labor Day weekend would have more shows available for you and your man to watch then any weekend after. Also my experience with the park is that Sundays in September are usually pretty light crowds. Of course it depends on what event they are having, and or company picnics.

Overall anytime in those dates listed should make for a pretty decent visit.

Coasterfantom2, thanks for the tips! A Sunday may be the way to go.

Yup, I'm heading down the Mommy-Trail. My husband's not into coasters; I went on an HP trip with my coaster-happy girl friends earlier this summer, so I was able to get in my Hershey Park coaster joys then.

But crazy enough, these same girls had such a blast that they're ravenous for another HP trip this season! They'll have to do some laps on Lightning Racer for me :).

"Coaster happy girlfriends?"

My, you could make a ton of money by compiling a dating service on here! Everyone wants a coaster happy girlfriend!

Heh heh!

A lot of people from the area might use Labor Day weekend as a last hurrah at the shore, so the crowds might not be that bad. It's also opening weekend for college football, so that might take the attention from some more people. Of course, if it gets hot, there might be a ton of people there to enjoy the water attractions one last time.
I believe pepsi cans have a bogo deal on them. Not sure if thats just for week days and $6 off durning the weekends.


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Water + Coaster (style track) = RollerSoaker!

Just don't forget to take your shoes off first!

As far as admission the cheapest place to get discount tickets is at Giant Stores. There are 2 close to the park. One is on RT 39 and is right along the way if you are getting off the Manada Hill exit of I81 to go to the park. The other is on Route 743, and if you are coming in Rt322 you stay on RT322, and go to the 4th light, and turn right. The store will be on your right less then a half mile after turning.

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speaking of admission....

If you buy your tickets the night before (for full day on the next day), you get free preview admission that evening for about 3 hours. You must buy your tickets at Hersheypark OR Chocolate World do get this, and I felt it was worth it, since you never know what the weather will be like on your full day....our first full day was shortened by hurricane remnants that turned into 12 hours of constant rain.

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