Planning authority approves small amusement park for Myrtle Beach

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The Myrtle Beach Community Appearance Board approved the design of the Funplex amusement park with one, minor change during a meeting Thursday afternoon. The Fun Coaster, the Drop and Twist and the Galleon of Fun are just a few of the attractions that may soon fill what is now a parking lot on Ocean Boulevard and 15th Avenue North. The city rezoned the property a year ago so Funplex could start developing,

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Because amusement parks in Myrtle Beach have had so much success lately...

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Better get out and experience the rides when they open before they are sold and rethemed to crap.

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Family Kingdom seems to do just fine. When the ocean is your customers' primary destination you don't need to be a big theme park to succeed.


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Which is exactly what the Michigan's Adventure complainers don't understand. They're smaller, cheaper parks for visiting tourists who may or may not decide to stay off the ocean / lake one day. When the family decides to break the routine of their week long vacation they might say "Hey, there's a small park nearby, wanna check that out?"

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