Planet Snoopy set to open at Kings Island

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The children’s area at Kings Island, which formerly had rides and themes based on cartoons from the Nickelodeon channel, has been renamed Planet Snoopy and redecorated to express the Peanuts theme.

Read more from The Dayton Daily News.

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Talk about a puff piece. I like KI as much as the next guy, but Dayton Daily News seems to have basically printed a brochure straight from Cedar Fair's marketing department. Although it is mentioned that the kids' rides have been rethemed from Nickelodeon to Peanuts, the article makes it sound like Boo Blasters is a new attraction. Not to mention the fact that not even a blurb is made about Son of Beast being out of commission for the year, or Cedar Fair's failed merger with Apollo.

There is zero real journalism involved in this piece. To me, it sounds like the paper basically ran what was spoon-fed them.

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