Plan of attack and other tips for Canada's Wonderland

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My wife and I are visiting Canada's Wonderland for the first time Monday and Tuesday and I am curious if anyone has any opinions on how to start the day. With two days I know we will have plenty of time, but it's nice to start the day out well and get a couple of rides in before the lines start to form. It looks like the two options are left or right, Behemoth or Leviathan. Do they stagger rides opening or does the park mostly open together?

Also any good french fry or pizza stands? Any nice shaded areas where one could enjoy a cold one and people watch?


You mentioned that you have two days so it doesn't sound like you'll truly be pressed for time. The plan of attack really depends on what you want to get out of the park. Do you want to ride everything or just ride the good stuff over and over? They don't stagger the ride openings so everything should be available to you straight away.

If you're going the "ride everything route" I would strongly recommend you simply ignore Behemoth and Leviathan early one of the days and get as much of the lower capacity stuff out of the way immediately. The big B&Ms are major people eaters, but the capacity of most of the other coasters at the park suck. I would start with the Bat, the Fly, Vortex (since you're already there in the area) and then Skyrider in that order. If you can squeeze in Backlot during that run even better. The only other super slow loaders you'd then be left with are Time Warp and Flight Deck (the latter being the more problematic of the two as the GP has finally figured out that Time Warp completely sucks, frequently leaving it with little to no line). Hit up Behemoth and Leviathan between 1 and 5 in the afternoon after the initial rush for both has passed and people are in the waterpark.

If you're going the "only ride the good stuff", there are only four coasters there worth the effort IMO: Leviathan, Behemoth, Vortex, and Thunder Run. The flat package there is awesome and I'd take time to experience them all.

Make sure you check out their kids area even if you don't plan on riding anything. I think their kids area is actually miles better than Kings Islands which wins the "best kids area" Golden Ticket every year.

You mentioned fries. There are three potato stands around the park called Hot Potato that sell poutine. The fries themselves are quite good, but the brown gravy and cheese curds really set it over the top. It may be my favorite food in any amusement park.

Enjoy your trip!

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Awesome! Thanks for the advice. I think we will skip the Arrow loopers, the headache isn't worth the credit.

Did you mean a different ride than Thunder Run? I assume you meant "Mighty Canadian Minebuster." Same coaster as Thunder Run in other parks.

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Gary might have indeed meant Thunder Run. I daresay that may have been my favorite coaster in the park, as I was not a member of the Behemoth Brigade...thought it okay at best, but I had more fun on Thunder Run. Hey, that rhymes! I'm a poet and don't know it!

And as far as the Mighty Canadian Spinebuster goes, I preferred the park's other, smaller woodie...Wilde Beast (I *THINK* it's spelled with an "e")

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We were there in the spring and I thought the woodies were running very good. I would agree with bypassing Behemoth & Leviathan early since they are high capacity rides. I would try to get as many as you can 1st day. Then the 2nd day, you can decide on what you want to reride often.

Even though I don't count Thunder Run as a coaster credit, I did enjoy it very much. It is a fun ride and should not be missed.

I am looking forward to getting back up there in September. Would like to ride Leviathan when it's warmer out. Our ride on it was very cold and not enjoyable. I am on the Behemoth bandwagon. I loved the ride and thought it lived up to my expectations. I prefer the airtime on it over the speed of Leviathan. But that's just me.

Do try to take in as much as you can. Canada's Wonderland is a beautiful park. I was first there when it was still Paramount and instantly thought it was the best looking in the chain.

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Just seconding/thirding the advice about skipping the B&Ms until the afternoon and focus on the lower capacity rides. Thunder Run, The Fly and the wood will be walk ons in the morning but will have hour waits in the afternoon. If you're wanting to check out the waterpark do it around 11 when it opens. You'll have the place to yourself until about 12 and it will be insanely crowded after about 1 which is around when the lines for the B&Ms mellow. It's nothing spectacular, but if you're up for some slides on one of your days, get it in early. You can do laps on the body slides which will have 45 minute waits a couple of hours later.

I live in downtown Toronto and if you have any questions about managing other stuff in the area, don't hesitate to PM. Have an excellent trip!

My wife and I are headed to Toronto on Sunday, and we will be there a few days. Do you know how much it costs to get to the top of your Stratosphere, the one like Vegas has? Also, do you suggest any nice sit down restaurants for an anniversary diner. Not concerned with Canadas Wonderland since already purchased fastlane.

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I know this question isn't really directed at me but whatever, CN Tower rates, and we ate at Fressen which is vegan so it may or may not be up your alley.

The Harbord Room is one of my favourite restos in the city. It's an upscale bistro and is fairly romantic. It's a small space so make sure you have a reservation as it's almost always full.

Depending on where you're staying in the city it could be a bit of a hike. But it's easily accessible by transit.

Another good bet if you're staying down closer to the lake is It's located in an old bank building and can get a bit noisy, but the food is always good and fairly reasonable. They also do online reservations on open table.

Cropsey, do you know what my chances are of riding Sledgehammer is. I keep seeing how it's down more then actually running. My wife has never ridden on one of these before, and just curious of what our chances are.

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CF - based on my experience and many TRs, I'd say if you see it running earlier in the day, "JUMP" on frequently opens late and breaks down early, LOL.

Also don't miss the flats back near Dragon Fyre, etc...including Spin-O-Vator, and RipTide...

It was running on last visit but down with others. But just to echo what Rollergator said, if you see it operating go for it and don't put it off. Also if the line isn't too bad check it out a couple of times as the programs mix up. I honestly can't remember if they're running the same program this season or not.

Also don't miss Nightmares which is right across from the entrance to Leviathan. It's a great flat and fairly unique for North America as well.

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Mike Gallagher said:

And as far as the Mighty Canadian Spinebuster goes, I preferred the park's other, smaller woodie...Wilde Beast (I *THINK* it's spelled with an "e")

I think the 'e' ended up getting dropped sometime recently, making it plain old Wild Beast. It's definitely the better of Wonderland's full-size wooden coasters. It doesn't get too many favorable reviews, but I thought it was enjoyable.

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Wild Beast is fun when it's in good shape. There's great pops of air in the front of the train on the bunny hops after the first turn around. But it has good seasons and bad seasons. This one is particularly bad, it was super painful in June. Have avoided it since.

Thanks, for the tips guys. I haven't been to CW since the early eighties, so i'm sure the park has changed alot.

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