Places to stay at Cedar Point

I was wondering if there are any rental homes on Lake Erie outside of the park. Like the vacation homes in Orlando or the cabins in Gatlinburg, TN?



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You might want to check out this site for lots of information on cedarpoint...

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Thanks crazy horse

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Good luck


Lighthouse Point may be up your alley. The cottages and cabins aren't that big. They're not cheap. They attract bugs. However, you are right on the property. You have your own kitchen, a standalone bedroom, and you can get into the parks early.
I prefer and recommend Lighthouse Point. Yes, the cabins are a bit small and they certainly aren't cheap, but each cabin has it's own grill, and you usually get significant wind off the water, keeping the area cool. The kitchen is well appointed and can easily accommodate six.

Walking into the park, waterpark or beach also rocks.



Has anyone stayed at any of the vacation rental homes?

Hope that helps.

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Are the cottages/cabins at Lighthouse Point air-conditioned?
^Yes. Cottages are on the tip of the pennsula and have a one bedroom with a full bed and a bunk bed. Along with a living room area with a futon and a dining table. A mini fridge, sink, and microwave is also in the living room. Also has a standard bathroom with stand-up shower. You have a deck with a great view of Lake Erie.

The cabins surround little ponds and basically offer the same thing, but instead have a loft and an extra futon.

Both types fit 6 people total.

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^ Thanks for the info - appreciate it. People consistently seem to mention "the bugs." I was wondering if it was because of no air-conditioning and thus having to open up the windows. I know they're on the lake and should get a good breeze. We'll be in CP in mid-August and it likely will be hot. It seems like Lighthouse Point has gotten good reports from people. Thanks again. :)
Thanks for all the tips. I'll probably stay at the lake lodges.I found cheaper vacation home rentals , but without knowing the area Id hate to put the money down. The person I talked to at the lodges was very nice and it looks really good in the pictures.anyway thanks again for all the info.

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