PKI....7/22/02....another First time!! :)

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Monday, August 12, 2002 7:06 PM

allrighty, onto park #2 on my great conquest....upon arriving at 2am in the morning at Hotel de Kicksthesky...(haha, thanks Kristin for your hospitality:)), i unpacked and again rose at 7am. Robodud (Rob from now on) and i rode around while Kristin went to class...then it was off to Cinncinatti!!

dude....Ohio is huge, haha!! i had no took like 3 hours to get to, but still...worth the drive:) it was WEIRD coming down I71 and seeing the Eiffel Tower in the distance....ive seen that same sight on I95 here in VA for 22 years growing up at we park, head in, and i get my first look at my "sister park"....

we eitch to the left, and head towards Action Zone. seeing as how it was just a week after the hush hush Top Gun incident, the line was quite long due to one train op. as was Face Off, so i opted for Kristin and Rob to take me to lingering monster ;)

Son Of Beast.....boarding the front seat for my first ride, i was apprehensive. id really heard a lot of negatives about this ride, but i was willing to give it a chance....and it did not dissapoint!! the first drop is amazing..hey, any 200 ft plus drop on wood is enough to take away your breath:) the first hill actually had a little air in it...quite the shock:) now the first i mean, its FAST, intense, and it gives you one heck of a good matter what seat you are in:) i personally enjoyed the heck out of it!!!! of course, this is the same guy who LOVES the only TOGO hes ever ridden(shockwave at PKD), and who adored Drachen Fire, so call me a massochist if you want. SOB was probably the most fun ive ever had though getting beat up on a 5 rides that day, the rest in the back....i love this coaster. id be quite pleased to see one of these puppies end up at PKD......awesome:)

Adventure Express....what a mine coaster is supposed to be like!! great helices, very nice speed, and even some airtime! go, that ride was ultra fun.....haha the final lift though...through the tunnel with the big guys waving their arms like idiots...that was bad:) it was reaking of Cedar Fair theming...haha!! sorry :) anyway, yeah my new favourite mine train:)

Racer....not much to say on this one. it was a lot smoother than its cousins Rebel Yell at PKD and Thunder Road at PC, but still it was really weak to me. and too bad about losing that final bunny hop...was that taken out to make way for FOF???

Vortex...arrow sweetness ladies and gentlemen:) the first drop was awesome...perhaps the best Arrow multi looper drop i have experienced yet. the vert loops were a little bumpy, and the corkscrew was slow, but not as slow as some make it out to be. the boomerang was awesome, WAY better than the one on GASM at SFGAdv....i loved this ride. 2 rides in the back, and it just delivered.....again, kudos to my man Ron Toomer :)

FOF....haha, again quite reminiscent of PKDs obviously...except for one little, but very important detail...the mid course was turned off!!! :) wow, we tore through the last few turns, and that final corkscrew was off the hook!! i just cant ride FOF at PKD the same way anymore, haha :)

finally, the Beast.....ya know, it may not have much airtime, if any at all....who cares?!?! there is just something about tearing through the woods at near ground level at near 70 mph that just gets your blood flowing!! this woodie, like its son, has gladly made its way up my list.....the first drop was very nice, a broad, straight drop into quite the narrow tunnel:) and that final helix....butter my friend:) yeah, airtime is great, but when you have this much speed and laterals, your still good in my book!! :)

Tomb Raider the Ride.....yeah buddy....this is what a Top Spin is supposed to do!!! PKI really did a good job with this one. the theming, both queue and ride, were outstanding. and the A/C felt so nice in that sweltering heat. the ride was so intense though....itd be awesome if PKD got one of these down the road..heres hopin ;)

a brief spin on the fliers, which we snapped like a fool, and we circled back to hit the kid coasters....ill pretty much nail them in one paragraph, cause well, they all pretty much stunk, minus Beastie.....Runaway Reptar...honestly, and i say this with all sincerety, its the FIRST Vekoma that i have gotten off of the first time and been dissapointed. boo and hiss all you want, but im a Vekoma fan :) but was so lame...even some of the 8 year olds that were getting off were like man lets go ride Beastie, haha:)....Scooby Doo....the worlds most unfriendly ride to the male anatomy....i wont go into detail, but when the train jolted up to the elevator, i moaned out loud...ask Rob (aka Robodud) what im talkin sure hed love to tell ya:)...the turns were lame, and it was no fun...maybe for a 4 year old. but anyway to each his own....and Beastie....pretty much identical to Scooby Doo at and a little intense:)

we wandered to the big German Festhaus style place for dinner, then it was off to finish up Action Zone....

Face Off...identical to Two Face at SFA....i love these things:) although Face Off doesnt make that extremely loud explosion of air in the station like Two Face does...i quite enjoyed that;)

Drop Zone...what can ya say...up you go, then down....but it was nice droppin that far. although, i still liked Pittfall at Kennywood, simply for the scenery....anyway....

Top Gun...finally:) yes sir....THIS is what a suspended coaster is supposed to be like..amazing drops, powerful speed, and intense a front and back seat ride. i LOVED this coaster....beat the heck out of BBW at BGW (later i will make my comment on iron dragging at CP).....not much else to say.....this coaster just plain rocked:) way to go PKI on using the terrain to such an advantage.

well that sums it up pretty much....we finished off the night with 3 awesome night rides on the back seat of Beast....on the third run, as we were ascending the second lift hill, we noticed the fireworks starting to go off back behind made for a wonderful end to a fabulous day. i really had an awesome time at PKI....this park has such a diverse collection of coasters and rides, and is a great addition to the Ohio lineup:)

Tim (the self proclaimed Vekoma, Arrow, and Paramount in-park wood coaster fan :))

hey...thats my story..and im stickin by it!!! :)
PKD 2003...drop rides will never be the same...Intamin rocks!! :)

Monday, August 12, 2002 7:28 PM
Good TR. Glad you had fun as did I when I visited the park for the first time last year. To me Vortex's drop is about the only good part of the ride. And Top Gun is awesome :).

Steel: 1)MF, 2)Goliath, 3)Magnum
Wood: 1)Villain, 2)Beast, 3)Roar(SFMW)

Tuesday, August 13, 2002 8:07 AM

I can't wait til I get to go there next year. Sounds like a nice park. How long were the waits for the night rides on The Beast.


Tuesday, August 13, 2002 4:22 PM
SFGadvman, we only waited maybe 15 minutes at the most....that was for various seats in the back car. now we went on a Monday, so that may have had something to do with it.....but from what ive heard, the Beast lines have been relatively shorter in the last few probably, unless its a major concert or something, wont wait more than a half hour.

hey...thats my story..and im stickin by it!!! :)
PKD 2003...drop rides will never be the same...Intamin rocks!! :)

Tuesday, August 13, 2002 4:35 PM
Another TOGO lover? I thought I was the only one!
Wednesday, August 14, 2002 6:02 PM

PT300, you rock man!! :-D yes i love TOGO....if youre ever out on the East Coast, let me know man...well hit up a park or two, lol :-D

lets go TOGOing, lets go TOGOing....hehe :-D

hey...thats my story..and im stickin by it!!! :)
PKD 2003...drop rides will never be the same...Intamin rocks!! :)


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