PKI, Weds 8-17, Not too busy, anyone ride SOB and no IJST?

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Decided to make my once a year now trip to PKI (though probably won't ever go again, at least until something new is there). Anyway, I have lived in Nati for 14 years, so PKI has been my home park and I almost wore myself out from going when I was young. Got there, went to the waterpark (walked past IJST, but closed), pretty cool but crowded. I didn't think it would be since most schools start next week, but whatever. All of the rides were fun, but really only 2 new rides from the old WaterWorks. After 2 hours, on to the park...

First went over the Action Zone, Face Off was also closed, but did Delirium and Drop Zone pretty quickly. Both very fun. Then did Top Gun, and this ride has simply seen better days (though not too much better since it isn't a great ride). I then saw the SOB was running trains with empty seats, and decided against my better judgment to ride. My girlfriend refused and didn't go, she was the smart one. How this ride hasn't torn and shook itself apart yet is beyond me. It is pathetic and sad when the "star ride" has EMPTY SEATS running. I mean, can you imagine going to CP and seeing Millennium without riders? Ride absolutely blasted my neck, it felt like I was in a fight and repeatedly getting punched in the neck. It is possibly the worst roller coaster I have ever ridden due to the pain it causes. Anyway, went over, did small rides like swings, etc, all quick. Then walked on Racer and Vortex, both rougher and beat me up as well. I started to wonder if there was a smooth ride in the entire park.

The 3D show was pretty sweet, and a good break, then went over to Beast area. Did Tomb Raider, and it was much rougher than usual as well, and definitely gave me a nice swift kick to the crotch. Afterwards, went to the Beast, the one ride I knew I would like. Great as usual, some heavy trims, but still it was getting darker and that ride just gets better. Finished up with Face Off, solid night ride, while Stunt Track was STILL CLOSED and didn't open for the entire day, which was a main reason to go.

I don't know if it is because I have just been to KI so much in my life, or by going to Cedar Point the past few years has spoiled me, but I am simply not impressed by KI at all. The rides are not good, the only roller coaster I would go back on would be the Beast, and maybe Face Off. The rest are way to rough, slow, or just stupid. Anyone else feel this way?! I look around and just wish there was an Intamin or B&M ride to just give me a smooth, fast flight. Oh well, overall, not a bad day, but I don't look to go back for quite a while. The Beast though, still rules for wood coasters.

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I got the same feeling about the lack of smooth coasters, or even enjoyable ones. Top Gun, Flight of Fear, and The Beast were the only real enjoyable coasters that there were when I went Sunday (Face/Off was closed and I didn't ride IJ:ST though). I was at first surprised by the short wait we had for Son of Beast, but then it hit me...literally. Racer backwards wasn't too bad I guess.
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You guys are just jaded. ;-) Heh.

The backwards Racer always makes me laugh, even to this day.

Adventure Express and Flight of Fear are my fave coasters in the park, whenever I can get away from Drop Zone and Delirium. :-)


Face/Off is probably my least favorite of the non-kiddie coasters at the park and I don't think Vortex nor Racer are rough at all. I love Top Gun, so I guess everything depends on the person. Some people think Adventure Express is wildly fun and some people think it is a lame bore.


I went to PKI for the 1st time last week. Maybe because it was all new to me, but I loved it there. I didn't think most of the rides were rough, SOB was probably the worst. And its a shame you missed IJST, I was surprised at what a fun ride that was! I loved FOF, Beast, and even Vortex, didn't think that was rough at all! Racer was fun, as was Top Gun and Adventure Express. I guess only having been to CP twice, I'm not that jaded yet.....:)
We were at PKI on weds also, took all the kids and my neice. I only got on 2 big people rides on Weds. Tomb Raider and Beast. This is about our sixth time to the park this year and everytime at least 2 rides have not been running. Seems maintenance is an issue , or is it just me?

Second in the water park , the Bonzai pipeline was only running 2 slides, along with the slide with 4 slides that dumps into a pool. That only had two slides running? I do not understand having water pumping down the slide but a metal chair blocking anyone from using it. Is this just a way to slow down the peeps?

Tomb Raider seemed to be running a longer program today, I just think instead of flip and hold forever, they should program more flipping. I mean do you have to be upside down watching water bubble for 30 seconds? Give me some more flips. Still a decent ride though my neice loved it.

I got 2 rides on the beast. My last ride was very bad. Sat in the back seat, train was flying around the track today, but man is that ride rough anymore. The second hill after the first drop I was thrown into my lapbar and jammed it into my legs, the rest of the ride was so damn uncomfortable that I couldnt enjoy it. See why that is falling from everyones list, just too dang rough anymore.
I find myself enjoying the waterpark there more than the actual themepark anymore because of the roughness of all the coasters. Thinking about season passes to the Beach next year instead.

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Delirium keeps pulling me back to the park. Gawd I love that ride. And ever since FOF went to lapbars, it's become my favorite coaster in the park. I enjoy a good Beast night ride, especially after a fair rain, but otherwise FOF and Racer top my KI coaster list.

I'm on the list of B&M and Intamin complainers at KI, but you just can't argue the decisions of a park that repeatedly pulls in the attendance numbers they do.

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I was also at PKI on 8/17. It was my first ever trip to the park, and I was totally in love. I rode Son of Beast, and immediately went back on twice more. It does hurt like heck, but I loved it, though I can't explain why. I wish I had noticed that Face Off opened later on. I was terribly disappointed when I saw it closed, ditto for IJST. I really did adore every coaster there, however, especially Beast. Flight of Fear and Vortex also merited repeat riding. I really enjoyed my day at PKI, I liked it a lot more than PKD, and I plan on making it an annual trip. *** Edited 8/19/2005 9:47:26 AM UTC by jeanine***

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