PKI Unlimited adds over 65 Boomerang Bay construction photos

Posted Tuesday, January 20, 2004 8:03 AM | Contributed by CoasterAaron

PKI has added over 65 new photos from the past week's construction tour of Paramount's Kings Island's Boomerang Bay site guided by Jeffrey Siebert. Photos show progress on Tazmanian Typhoon and Coolangatta Racers, as well as the many trains and cars that are currently dormant in the picnic grove.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2004 5:31 PM
Pay close attention to the warning on page two about rivets in your swimsuit. Paramount is very serious about this. A couple of years ago my friend and I waited over an hour to ride Pipeline Peak at PKD only to have my friend told that he couldn't go down the slide in his trunks because of rivets (which are all too common on swimsuits). Luckily a women had a set of keys to dig them out, because the lifeguard had nothing to assist him.

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