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About 2 weeks ago I went to PKI for the 4th time of the season so here is my TR on it! I went with my friends Tyler, Sean, Sara, Rcahel and Erika. The weather was decnt but cold and windy but at least it did not rain. The crowds were pretty bad (on what I am used to).. most lines for the coaster and extreme flats (delerium, drop zone, etc) were all about 60-90 minuites. Anyway, here is my day:

We got to the park about 15 minuites after opening and obviously headed in. We went to the Beast first as usual. The line was about 5 minuites. I rode in the back seat and the ride was awesome as usuaul, very fast, fun, and yeah theres also this fact that it is in the woods.....9/10. After that we heaed to Vortex.

Vortex had about a 30 minuite line. I refuse to ride this and other arrow loopers anywhere but the very front so that where Erika and I headed. The ride was smooth and fun. It was faster than usual today too. I give it 8/10. We rode Spongebob after that which was fun as usual and then heaeded to Flight of Fear. The line was about 75 minuites and the vidieo wasn't working so it was a long, boring wait. We finaly got to the ride. The launch was cool, the ride was and as usual but today it was even a little better because not very amny light inside the buidling were on. I give it 8/10.

After we got done with that we got some quick rides on Adventure Express and the Racer. Both were fun little rides as usual and I give them both 7/10. After that we heaed toward the Action Zone. We rode Delerium first in the area. Today was my first day riding it ever and LOVED it. It is my faveorite ride in the park after the Beast! We rode Son of Beast and Top Gun after that. Son of Beast was very rough as usual. It was fun though. I dread the day I get taller though because the trains will get smaller and chances are I ill think it is awful.... Top Gun was relaxing. I give it 7/10. We ate at El Mandrin after that which was good but expensive. We were all getting bored so we went to grab one more ride on the Beast then leave. The Beast was still awesonme, enough said. I give it a 10. Well that is my day. I had fun. I love this park

R.I.P King Cobra 1984- 2001

Thanks Eric, it was pretty fun and lol you should be jealous! ;-)

R.I.P King Cobra 1984- 2001

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