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Hi guys! I have read this forum for almost 7 years now if i remember correctly and used to be a member named medusafanatic. I became busy with college however and have just returned. I was wondering if Kings Island is a one or two day park. I'd like to hit all of the coasters the disco, drop tower and frisbee. I will be there the last week in June so I'm hoping crowds won't be too bad. Also does anyone know if SOB will be reopened by then or if the new flyer will most likely be open. My guess for that is Memorial Day. Thanks in advance.
SOB will be reopen by then, also X-FLIGHT should be open also, and welcome back.

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Depends on if you want to hit the waterpark. We bought two days last June 17-18th I believe. Without the waterpark it can be done in one day. The second day we did Boomerang Bay and hit Scooby-Doo several times and some other stuff we had done the day before.
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I was at Coaster Con today and Maurene from Kings Island was there. They are shooting for a Memorial day opening of X-flight. But there is no gaurentee on SOB. They stil havn't made final decisions on the new SOB trains yet, which has to be done before final ride design can happen.

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I talked to one of the guys who cleans the bathrooms in Action Zone just last week. He happens to be a golf buddy with Mr. Island, the owner. He told me that they are considering enclosing X-Flight in a building that will be connected to the one FOF operates in. He also said SOB might not open at all this year since it will be getting new prototype hover trains.
You can do PKI in one day.
The way i always did it was to go at 8:30am, wait for Face/Off to open, then ride F/O, Top Gun, Son of Beast, The Racer, FoF, Vortex, and The Beast in that order, and sometimes I'd be out of the park by 1pm.

If you want to enjoy PKI, i'd do 2 days though. Im sure you can whiz through all the good coasters in a day, but if you really like out (you'll love FoF), then it's hard to go back because by 2-3pm you've got 2 hours waits for everything.

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^ Your joking, right?.....
If they planned to enclose X-Flight, that would delay the opening I would think. And wouldn't they want to get it open as soon as possible? It would be cool to have an indoor flying coaster though?


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True but I really don't see that happening.

BTW, I hope I didn't confuse anyone, I was talking about Pagoda Gift Shop's post, not DanLindens.

You can do PKI in one day with the coasters and flats you mentioned. June still seems to be pretty moderate on attendance IMO. But do get there early, I always have better luck when I show up at opening.

^ Yeah! That's just what PKI would need...another tannish-colored eyesore of a building to go along with FOF, TR:TR, and the one next to Face/Off! Me thinks not.

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I dont see any point in enclosing Xflight, it doesnt add that much of an edge to it, and you really cant do a whole lot of theming with it.
Regarding TR:TR -- say what you will about the building, but I was quite impressed with the ride! I am a bit of a fan of Top Spins (the original). Inverted is ok, but I still prefer the classic. I was a bit wary of the Giant, because I thought they just went "too far" -- but the theming effects was done very well, and the rocking/locking of the gondola, although driven by gravity by nature of the ride, were still timed well so that you were looking at particular elements at particular times.

I think the give-away in Pagoda's post is 'Mr. Island, the owner.' Everyone knows that Mr. Island no longer owns the park - He sold it to Mr. King (hence "King's Island") and "King" is Dick Kinzel's nickname since he is the King of the amusement industry! We should go fishing and ask the guy on the dock what's going down... ;)

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Thanks so much guys! I actually had forgot about Tomb Raider but would like to try that out as well. I guess honestly X Flight doesn't matter that much to be because I rode it in it's original location. Also Danlinden i have rode FOF at PKD and thought it was a pretty good ride but a little rough for my taste. Most of the coasters at PKI are clones I've done before. How have the IJST lines been?

dannerman said:
Regarding TR:TR -- say what you will about the building, but I was quite impressed with the ride!

Don't misunderstand me. It's not that I don't like the ride...I love TR:TR and FOF! The buildings are just big and ugly IMO. I Love those rides, in some ways I like them better than some of PKI's coasters.

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FOF #1

Tomb Raider #2

Delirium #3

IJ:ST #4

Beast and Sonny share #5

^ Those are my favorite rides at the park. I love theme and you can obviously tell that from my list....

OP AWESOME, I didn't think about all the clones if you travel quite a bit. I think I came up with seven. The only non-cloned coasters would be Vortex, The Beast, and Son of the Beast, Racer (at least I don't think there are any direct copies) and Adventure Express. If you think PKD's FoF is rough, PKI's is much worse.

Now about the Italian Job Stunt Track lines; the BeastBuzz event last year was held during one of the busiest days I've ever seen at a themepark (somewhere around 40,000 people were in the park). We were on within forty-five minutes. They do have assigned spots to stand in however, unlike at PKD.

I'm just curious how long ago you last rode PKI's FOF. Becuase I find it to be very smooth. I guess I haven't ridden PKD's version to compare, but I thought that was interesting that you thought that.
Rebel Yell is a copy of Racer
So Thunder Road is a copy of Rebel Yell which is a copy of Racer. Got it?

Come check out the video's at
CoasterDaddy, I just did some research over at RCDB, and Rebel Yell is not listed as a clone of The Racer. It's much faster--61mph for TR vs. 56 for RY and the track length is also shorter for The Racer.

I've ridden RY many, many times, and I don't remember TR being the same except for having two tracks, and one goes backwards. Admittedly, I was too bothered by how rough TR was to really make an honest judgement back in 02' though. It didn't get a re-ride at BeastBuzz last year.

Now Thunder Road I could see being a clone of RY, except for again, the specs are off. I do however remember the order of elements feeling the same.

In reply to MrPKI, we rode FOF multiple times during BeastBuzz during our ERT session. Many of us gave up after a few times. I rode all four of the spaghetti-bowl coasters in the states in 2002, and PKI's by far is the worst. The two outdoor versions--Joker's Jinx and Poltergeist are significantly smoother and much more rerideable.

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