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Saturday, April 7, 2001 9:49 AM
I was at this so called "sneak preview day." I think that everybody and their mother knew about it though, so it should have been called opening day. I went with a friend and also a fellow coasterbuzzer and Acer. Ok, on to the report.

Got to the north parking lot at about 4:42, of course it wasn't open yet so we had to move on down to the south. Did I mention that the line for this was pretty long. Ok finally we got in at about 5:30.

We immediatly walked towards this immense ride. Of course what I thought were kids banging on trash cans at the entrance to the park was really thunder. (damn mother nature) But thank goodness that they closed Sonny before the rain actually got there, so enough people left so I could get into the station after getting a tad wet. On to the ride. Got on the ride while some decent sized rain drops were still falling. Then we stopped going up the lift hill for a bit (everybody thought they were going to die.) Overall the ride was a tad rough probably due to the recent rain and the rain itself hurt bad. Still only running two trains with the third nowhere in sight.

We chose the forwards due to the longer line for the backwards. This proved to be a good choice for somebody on the backwards got hurt. They really need to get this ride to do what it's name says, since its not nearly as fun as them doing it.

Fight of Fear
Not open for very long. Really wanted to ride it, heard from somebody that it was like a completely new ride without the shoulder restraints. Also had a run in with someone in the category of General Public who clamed to have rode it last year with the trains having lap bars.

Rode in the front, I think it is an awesome ride. Only two trains were running and the third was not in sight. I have ridden this ride so many times there is no reason to comment on it.

This ride had a temporary malfunction while I was waiting for it. I really wanted to ride this ride in the front at night, but there wasn't enough people who stayed in line after the breakdown. Got on the ride at about 10:30 (after the park was closed.) OH MY what a ride, hands down the best ride I have had on the beast. Just imagin riding this ride in almost pitch darkness with fog every where. The second drop was cool, we dropped below the fog and then popped back up into the revaporizing brake run. Slowed us down a lot, this made the second tunnel seem that much longer, it kept going and going. We got stopped on the second lift hill due to the long loading time for the last train of the night. People were saying things like "nobody move", and "Were going to die". So I started moving back and forth, and I saw headlights coming towards the beast station so I said look to your left and you will see the people coming to save us. The view from the top of the second lift was amazing. You could see the fog in the valleys all around the Beast, When I turned around you could barely see the bottom of the lift hill!!!

Overall it was an ok day. I am also keeping in mind that my main reason of being there was to upgrade my pass to a gold one. It only costs $10.00 flat.
Monday, April 9, 2001 5:24 AM
Yeah, there were so many people there. If it would have only been for season pass holders, it would have been better. But did you see all of the radio stations there? Every one of them were giving away tickets for the day. I spoke with people from Columbus, Cincinnati, Indy, and other cities who won tickets on the radio.

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