pki opening weekend 4/12-13th

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I hope they do something drastic to the sob trains. I was in so much pain when I got off that ride....I dought that i'll ever want to ride it again unless they do something with the trains. I wasent the only one complaining about the rough ride, as there were several peeps on the exit ramp wanting to make complaints about the ride.

As for delerium goes...I think it was a great attraction. We took 5 rides on it sat and sun. And with a great capacity (50 ppl per ride cycle) the line moved very quick.

The beast was great as always....I noteced a lot of track work that was done on the first turn after the drop.

The one thing(besides sob) that I have a problem with at pki, is that the last 4 times I was there trtr was not open at all. I cant understand why so many problems exsist with this ride.

Scooby dew was an "ok" ride. good thing the beast was not operational on sat morning for the ace walkback couse we got to ride scooby before the public and the hour long line. The theming was great, but the ride is missing something I just cant put my finger on. Also, the targets were very hard to hit.

Sponge bob was fun, and cant wait to bring the little ones this summer to see it(they are huge sponge bob fans).

The racer only had the forword side going for some reason.....last opening day we had the same thing happen.

I dont know if they did something to adventure express, but it seemed to be running a lot smoother this weekend.

I still think the food selection is poor at pki. However I did notice a chinese cafe toured the front of the park, that I never noticed before. The bubba gump shrimp stand was still under construction.

Overall it was a great weekend at pki....olong with the weather as well.

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