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Friday, April 11, 2003 7:47 PM
We entered the park though the drop off area and made our way to the new security area. We waited about 20 mins for them to let us though. The system was painless and easy.

Then we went into the park We went to season pass processing and got our passes done I had parking so it seemed to take a bit longer.

We got in line to make the new Scooby doo run. We were about 10 back and there was a 20 min delay. We went and I must say I am impressed. The theming was great. Still could still see some of PT themeing. There is also a fast pass line. The ride itself is a blast. Me FOF and Teenageninja squeesed into a car I had 1400 I did better than FOF but not teenageninja.

After that They wanted to ride tomb raider. I chose beast.
Beast is back. The redone turn makes alot of diffrence. We were flying. There was a bit of air there well. I had 2 very nice backseat rides. When I returned FOF and teenageninja came back from a brokendown TRTR. They got on and got there ride in BUT They were stuck. They had to manually open the trains!

Next was vortex but alas it was broken down and it was evaced. We hit the flyers and put on a small show.
We walked around and all the rides were packed. By this time it was time to meet chuck down at the flyers.

I got chuck and his brother mixed up again. Next time name tags. They look alot alike to me

We got on and put on a nice show of how to fly. We got 1 lousy ride we wanted to eat and we wanted to try the new chineese food. So back up to the front of the park. I must say the food is good. Cheap too.10 bucks for a combo and drink.

Then I wanted to do a little shopping. I bought beast hoodie and a beast 64oz mug.

We ended our day down at the flyers doing a flyers fest we kicked butt.

Overall it seems the park was WAY to busy. lines were long and rides went up and down. I had fun and its all good

Theres some pics.

Lets go its on!
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Friday, April 11, 2003 9:37 PM
I was there as well, way to crowded for a supposed 'sneak peek' night. You're right about all the closures, my party got there at 5, went counterclockwise and found Reptar (rode), Beast (Closed), Vortex (closed), FOF (rode, short line), Racer (both sides closed), AE (huge line), Delerium (huge line), TG (rode, long line), SOB (1 train, most corrals open and full), FO (full queue). Got in line for delerium at 7:15, huge delays and closures, finally got to front and rode around 9:00, not worth the wait but glad there is something new that's not in kiddy land or a pay attraction. Very long load times on DL, seems there was a major problem with the floor mechanism. Oh yeah, very long line for Scooby. I can only hope the event on 5/16 is indeed only for pass holders and none of this free tix junk.

I've been going to this park since 1977. Although SFKK is ten minutes out the door, I have always considered PKI my regional park of choice (HW being way too over-hyped, over-priced, and over-crowded the times I've been there the past few years). I won't presume to know why all the closures happened, technical or personnel wise. I saw a lot of ops getting on the job training, and of course the usual load of ops talking amongst themselves or on the phone instead of efficiently doing their jobs. Some places are filthy and tired looking, although there are exceptions. If this was supposed to have been a 'sneak peek' night, they sure went overboard with underwhelming and disappointing my party and possibly many others. PKI, stick a crowbar in your wallet and spend some more days training and running new attractions before you stick the trashcan across the entrance or announce 'this ride is closing due to technical issues, please exit the queue'. Sure hope the next event on 5/16 is up to speed with regard to new attractions and training, and no free ticket dispersal. rant off.


Saturday, April 12, 2003 6:32 AM
Amen to that. I went as well last night ( Friday, April 11th ) and had a horrible time. Pass processing was probably the best part of the night. The metal detecters weren't bad at all and processing was quick and painless. Of course, the rest of the night was beyond comparison to any other trip I've had to PKI.

In the five hours that my friend and I were there, we got in two rides. Beast and Flight of Fear. We waited in line for Tomb Raider: The Ride for about 15 minutes, but then we waited another 45 because it was broken down. I was looking around the line, and there is actually less themeing than what was there last year. The diamond in the wall as you enter the tomb was removed, and the lights that usually shine on it weren't working. Many of the "ruins" have been picked at by the General Public, and are now showing their foam interior. In the giant Budah room, several chains and other peices of scenery have been removed. Didn't get to ride the ride, so I don't know what it's like inside now.

We eventually left the queue, and went to Beast. I've been pretty much habituated to Beast, and it wasn't very exicting at all. In the queue, the "Front of Train" line has been cut off with a new barrier. Anyone know why?

After Beast we headed to La Rosas for some pizza, but the line was extremely long, so we went over to Vortex. It was broken down and people were being evacuated from the lift hill. I would have LOVED to do that, but I was too late. Flight of Fear, our last ride of the evening, was next. We had a two hour wait and just as we got on the ride, it broke down. The ride ops had to push the train forward about 5 feet into the station, I guess to align the LIMS or something, because they had tried to launch it three times in a row, and nothing happened.

FOF was pretty good, and I thank God they removed the OTSR. It was very fast and very intesne. As far as new themeing, there wasn't any I saw. The "hanger" was EXTREMELY dirty and a thick layer of dust covered everything. Cups and other trash were thrown on top of the flying saucer, not to mention that it seemed like everyone in line felt the need to peel paint from anything they could get their hands on. Something really needs to be done with Flight of Fear's queue.

Coney Mall was really crowded and Racer and Adventure Express had very long lines. Bubbu Gumps was not open, but looks like it will be good. We went to Festhaus to eat, and waited in line there as well. I can't believe how expensive food is now at PKI. I know that they aren't a charity and have to make money, but $11 for pizza and fries is too mcuh in my opinion. Heck, barbeque packets are $.71 each! I think I'll start eating out of the park now to save money.

Overall, the park was very crowded, capacity was horrible, and I thought it was much dirtier than I have ever seen it. The new fountains are nice, but the lights weren't on and I never saw the sequence change, it was just all the fountains on. I think PKI should have taken an extra week or two to get things working and clean. Hopefully, the park will be ready next weekend.
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Saturday, April 12, 2003 6:40 AM
joe.'s avatar Looks like I have a lot to report on next weekend when I go.

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Saturday, April 12, 2003 6:48 AM
Yikes! sounds a little scary,going Sunday I hope its not as bad?

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Saturday, April 12, 2003 8:25 AM
I was there as well and there was as many people there as on a normal saturday in july. We got there at around 7 and about turned around when we saw we would be parking about a mile out. We stayed and went in. I didn't like the postion of the metal detectors, I think they should have been between the ticket windows and the actual entrance, there isnt much space there though. We got in and headed to get our passes proccesed but decided no when the line was over an hour. We headed to Delirum next.

We got in about an hour 15 minute line. Wow this thing is amazing just to watch, but people who were just watching were getting in the way of the over-filled line. They needed some gates or somethin. Well we got about a ride away and it broke down. We waited a little and then one guy who worked there said it would be an hour at least. So we decided to leave, but as we were walking away it re opened. I was pretty mad about that mainly because that guy gave us a totally wrong time. Well after we got back in about a 45 minute line we got on. After all the waiting I was impressed. I liked it better than TR:TR and DZ. This ride was just awesome and if they can get the time between rides down its line wont be bad.

After this the park was about to close so we got in line for SOB and found an almost full lineand a one train operation. We waited it out for about an hour and a half and finally got on. Nothing noticably new to me, i still love it and the best time to ride it is in these cold nights of april. It flew around the helixes and was just runnin great.

A few things i just wanna mention

Maybe the crowd was so large becase all the radio stations were givin a ton of free tickets

Line jumping seemed a real bad problem last night. I hope they start to cut down a little more.

I just hope this isnt a preview of how crowded the summer will be.

One last thing, anyone who rode the beast, were the trims any different?

Saturday, April 12, 2003 10:47 AM
I rode Beast, and I didn't notice the trims being any different. Since they've gone to magnetic brakes, I don't think that they can change the strength of them unless they get new ones. Of course, that's just a guess, because I know nothing about magnetic brakes, but the ride didn't seems any different to me.

The re-profiled turn was very nice and very smooth, and I'd like to see Paramount's Kings Island do that to the entire ride. I know they probably won't, but I can hope.

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Saturday, April 12, 2003 11:45 AM
Magnetic trims can be adjusted by physically moving the magnets to surround more or less of the brake fin. This can be a tedious process, though since it requires manual adjustments in most cases.

- John

Saturday, April 12, 2003 6:30 PM
Yes, I too hope that next weekend (19th) that the park isnt so bad. So the Chinese food was good? My unlce and I normally eat LaRosas but we could try different.....Remember, look for the kid wearing blue jeans, a orange long sleeved T-shirt, brown collared shirt, and a scream mask on for all rides with an on-ride photo!! See everyone there next weekend.
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Sunday, April 13, 2003 2:07 PM
Saturday and Sunday both were 10 times better than Friday (one of the worst nights for crowds in a long time). I don't think the park was expecting that many people as the attendance was double the projections by closing. We didn't even get out from SOB until near midnight. I don't believe TRTR or backwards Racer opened all weekend, but everything minus one train op on SOB and the RRR valley seemed to be perfect for Saturday and Sunday.

I think our entire group agreed Delirium and Scooby were excellent additions!

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Sunday, April 13, 2003 5:21 PM
Koaster King, RRR is Reptar right? Im pretty sure thats what your talking about but I didn't know it had that many R's, Runaway Reptar Revenge? Any way, where did it valley, were there people on it. That might have been kind of bad just in the point it might have been filled with little kids.
Sunday, April 13, 2003 5:34 PM
Beast_rocks: RRR is Rugrats Runaway Reptar (some people like to add Roller Coaster on it too, so it would be RRRRC ;)).

I have no idea when or why ("because it's a Vekoma" was the reason a group member came up with yesterday, lol) it vallied (happened after the first bunny hop I think). It was back in operation today.


Sunday, April 13, 2003 6:59 PM
rollergator's avatar Considering what an amazing park they have for the kids, I'm kinda surprised PKI didn't go for a *slightly* higher, taller, and *longer* junior invert....(note: two train ops being the critical difference).

Honestly though, it's probably the ONLY thing I could mention. The parks that get "all the press", frankly I'm usually disappointed by what is offered for the younger guests (8ish and younger). PKI *deserves* the acclaim they get for what they do "for the children"...;)

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Sunday, April 13, 2003 7:08 PM
It was in operation today. Today was a much nicer normal PKI day than others. I did the entire park in under 4 hours. Even Face/off was a station wait while I was there.

Lets go its on!
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