PKI opening day

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I arrived in the line to park about 10:30 and got a space by 11, then spent 30 minutes to buy a ticket and get in the park. We started our day at faceoff, after waiting 1 1/2 hours, (the longest line all day) i got on and it broke down because of station break failure. I was stuck for twenty minutes. We got off and headed to the famous Son Of Beast. We got there and it was closed(very dissapointed). We then went to the ride near son of beast(name?) to see if we could get a look, and that was broken down too. We then headed down to Italian Job, it was broken down and would be open later(first attempt), I was wondering if any rides would be open that day. We were close so we decided to go to The Beast. We waited 30 minutes and got front row. It was the highlight of the day. We then decided to go to Vortex. It was a pretty decent ride, I liked it. so after getting food we headed towards Italian Job and it starts to rain, it was closed would be open after it stopped raining(2nd attempt) Since we were already wet we decided that we would go the rapids ride. Then we got soaked. We then headed back to The Beast, Rode it 4 times in the hour, and dried off. got people pissed cause the seats were wet. We then decided to head back to the Italian Job, it was closed once again of lightning.(last attempt). so we decided to leave. It seems like it would be a good park if it wasn't for all the maitence and weather. I'll to go and try again

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