PKI on 6/8/05. Great Day!

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Friday, June 10, 2005 9:23 AM
Well, I'm not going to bother writing what I rode ride by ride as it happened because my brother and I managed 28 laps on most all of the major coasters. Here's how it broke down:
The Beast = 6 laps
Son of Beast = 5 laps (It was rather smooth today)
The Vortex = 5 laps
Flight of Fear 4 laps
Racer = 3 laps
Face/Off = 2 laps
IJ:ST = 2 laps (still doing the ride tickets)
Adventure Express = 1 lap
Top Gun: We were evacuated off the lift hill. Received exit pass which was pretty much useless since there were no lines. Decided to use it on Face/Off since it had the longest wait...20 minutes. I would much rather have been given a free drink. Of course, an exit pass doesn't cost PKI a cent.

Did Scooby and the Haunted Castle - I hadn't been on this one. Pretty good fun. Can't remember score.
Tried Spongebob 3D - about 1/2 way through sound messed up and we were made to leave to queue up again. Total BS, we didn't bother going back.

Delirium was closed for the day.
Didn't do Tomb Raider.

I have to say that in the past I have ranked CP employees above PKI's. This is no longer the case. Everyone was great. I felt sorry for the games employees since the crowd was so light, hardly anyone was playing games. IJ:ST, while not the fastest or tallest, is one of the best themed coasters out there. My favorite parts were the launch up the spiral and the tunnel after the helicopter. There were some good dips and turns in total darkness. Of course, since I collect On-Ride Photos, I had to get one for Italian Job. My only real complaint and it's the same everywhere, is prices for drinks. A 20 oz. coke for $3.00? Absolutely ridiculous. Otherwise, awesome day!

Friday, June 10, 2005 10:17 AM
I forgot to mention that Son Of Beast was the last coaster of the night and it was good. We asked for a re-ride since no one was in the station. We were told we couldn't do that for medical reasons.

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