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My Spanish Club left at 6:00am and we headed to PKI, which on our way we got lost and it took us 4 1/2 hours to get there instead of the 3 1/2. I have been to King's Island a lot but I've never been able to ride or I've been with a group that didn't want to ride, so this was my first true adventure to PKI. When we got there we got our tickets and the group I went around, a few enthusiasts, a couple who hated coasters, and one who had never ridden one, decided to head to the back to the Beast.

We had to wait about two trains until we loaded. We left the station and the girl who'd never ridden one started screaming frantically. I was dying laughing! This was my first time on the Beast and I would have to say I enjoyed it but it's not anywhere near the top on my list. I like drops and the Beast is just a few drops and the rest is turns and helixes.

Next we walked over to Vortex. Here we waited about one train and we were on. I liked this coaster, but they aren't my favorite when you ride near the back. Being whipped around with your head banging isn't very exciting. It was still a good ride.

Then our group started walking back to the front where we caught Flight of Fear. We waited about 20 minutes and I really enjoyed this ride without the OTSR's. My head was very joyful.

Just after that, we hit the backwards Racer (the only one running). Sit in the very back seat and I loved the ride. Tons of airtime! I've never had that good of ride on the Racer before. It was great!

Next we hit Face/Off. I enjoyed watching people as they screamed their hearts out. I found this one to be running smooth and enjoyable.

After Face/Off, we headed for Son of Beast. We waited two trains and we were on. Again, I found this one to be like it's elder. I was rather bored and annoyed. It had more drops, but none were unexpected. I thought there were too many helixes.

We were hot and the only water ride open was the Wild Thornberrys, but I knew you got a little wet on Tomb Raider so we went back and waited 40 minutes for it. This ride I thought was a big let down. It's really enjoyable while it lasts, but it's so short! I would never wait more than 5 mintues for this ride ever again.

We had to then go to the front and check in. That's when we hit Drop Zone for a quick one drop wait. It was short, but fun with a group member afraid of heights next to you.

Then it started to rain and it was quite refreshing to be cooled off. They then opened Top Gun so we took our people scared of coasters on it! We waited one train for it. I'm amazed because I've never noticed that the trains hit the tree limbs. It was enjoyable just watching the trains hit the limbs!

Soon the rain was coming down nicely and they shut everything down but the Racers so we went and rode it two more times backwards. We didn't wait a single train both times.

When the rain stopped we enjoyed walk-ons on Son of Beast, Face/Off, the Beast, Flight of Fear, and Vortex. Tomb Raider was a walk-on as well.

It was a really enjoyable day! There were no crowds to fight and we had a great time. Now I can't wait to head to Cedar Point in July!

Wow, I can't believe there were no crowds - that's awesome. I don't understand how you can be bored with The Beast. That last helix is totally worth it.

I am going in a month - was Tomb Raider really bad (and that short)?

What was Tomb Raider like?

With Tomb Raider, you'll wait in line and just a little bit of it is in the themed tunnel. They section you off into three rows and put you in a highly themed room with torches and those tomb people. Then after about five minutes they open a circle entrance and you walk into another room with the big statue holding the crystal ball thing and you're in there for about 3 minutes. Then they show you a little movie for about 2 minutes. Another door opens up, and it's dark and foggy so all you can see is the seats themselves. After everyone is loaded, they will give you lighting to see ancient god and he will say some lines as you rise to stalactites (spelling) that drip water. You go right up to them and it turns you on your back and they drip on you for a little while. Soon you spin and the main part rotates and so your at the bottom facing right at the floor. Orange lights make the water look like lava and it's misty and fountains spray up at you. It then rotates you back up to the entering position and that's it. It's basically up, down, and back. We were on the ride for about 60 seconds. It's great while it lasts, but being that short it isn't worth the wait. They need to extend the ride a little more.

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Hmm - this sounds like a really short ride. Maybe I will look forward to the air-conditioning
I know there are some others out there who agree with me when I say TR is Awesome!! But that's cool if you guys don't want to ride, makes the line shorter for all of us who do ;)

Beleive it or not TR:TR is 2 and a half minutes long. I even timed it yesterday. Its a great ride except the ending leaves lot to be desired. You forgot the best part of the ride, the spin. Anyway word on the street is that they are working on a more intense version of the ride. Whether this comes to fruitition or not I don't know but lets hope so.

The Beast and Night, They go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly

To make it simple, it is a gravitron in a themed building.

Yes, the hour and a half wait spoiled the 3 minute ride, but I think it was worth it. This is a new class of ride compared to other rides the park has that AREN'T roller coasters.

My view on it also can be put as a mix from the Tower Of Terror at Disney Land in Florida and a mix of drop zone and a roller coaster twisted together.

I do think they could have added some more time to it and improved but when you have a humongous gravitron in a building its hard to do too much.

You can put the building in 3 parts. The beginning where it is like a tomb with a big carving in a wall, the top of the front part you look at, the stalagtights which are dripping constantly and you can and will notice when you get on the ride in front of the lights shining on you, and the part behind you you dont see on the bottom, the lava part.

That makes 3, but, there are places for 4. The top of the opposite side you face, as for how they will put you on that area to view would make you go up and back but then make the long line of chairs tilt back.

Oh well, its Paramount Pictures and I think they did a very good job on impressing me, but I do think about a minute or two can be added with more inversions and spinning.

9 out of 10

A Soon To Be Kings Island Employee

It's not just a Top Spin ( Inverter in RCT) But a GIant Top Spin, its huge!

X-Flight World's Only flying coaster!
Batwing World's only flying coaster!
S:UF World's only flying coaster! Don't you love SF ?

Yes, Todd is right, is is actually an enlarged one. Its really big, but they need it to last longer, as well as add one more themeing piece to it.

A Soon To Be Kings Island Employee

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