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Tuesday, May 29, 2001 8:43 AM
If you are a duck or don't mind getting wet, Friday was the time to go to Kings Island. The combination of all day rains and school still in session kept the crowd down for the entire day. To make it better it was 10 PM closing.

Several flat rides were closed until evening, waiting for ride ops to arrive. We arrived around 5 PM. It appeared the rides may have been closed for the storm that was passing, but all the coasters were operating by the time we got in the gates and orientated.

A continual rain started about 8 pm through closing, clearing out the park. All coasters were a walk on. The Beast in the dark, in the rain is quite an experience.

Good advice take a raincoat and goggles if you are gonna ride coasters in the rain, the rain stings the eyes!

We would like to commend PKI for keeping all rides open until scheduled closing time, despite the weather. We were on the last Flight of Fear, and the ops there called the ops of the wave swinger to come to the coaster to make the 10 minimum rider count so we could ride.

In 5 hours,

1 lap Vortex
4 laps Racer
4 laps SOB
6 laps Beast
2 laps Adv Express
2 laps FoF

plus some nice flat rides.
Tuesday, May 29, 2001 11:54 AM
Hey I am really happy to hear what the ride ops and park did. This never happens at a big corprate park, WAY TO GO PKI!


Proud giga buzzer!

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