PKI Fright Fest - 10/4/02

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Saturday, October 5, 2002 9:55 AM

Went to PKI last night around 10:00 pm and was treated to an empty park. Here is a brief summary of our riding experience:

The Beast - Rode more than half dozen times, sometimes with just the three of us and a few others on the train. The ride ops were not very friendly and wouldn't let us stay on the train even when there was no one else in line to ride it. This was my first night ride on The Beast and to say that it was great would be an understatment.

TR:TR - Down for tech. reasons

SOB - First time riding it at night. A couple of cool drops into complete darkness was ruined by the "jack hammer" roughness of the ride. I actually remeber wanting off in the middle of the ride!

All the other rides were walk ons as well.

We rode a lot and had a great time considering we were only there for three hours.


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