PKI First Time (Part 1)

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I’m posting this TR in segments because it’s so long. I hope you all enjoy it!


We FINALLY made it. After 6 ½ hours of driving and 2 ½ hours of sleep, I could finally see Drop Zone in the distance. What a sight. After the long process of getting through the metal detectors and using our E-tickets (which I HIGHLY recommend), we were in the park. For personal reasons (I heard that Drop Zone seats are the smallest and I’m a big fellow) we headed to Action Zone first! I wanted to get Drop Zone over with and see if I could enjoy the rest of the day without worries.

As we walked up to Drop Zone I noticed it was a little smaller than I thought it would be. The line was pretty long but it went by fast. Before we knew it we were getting into our seats.

Drop Zone:

Well a sigh of relief. The seats were plenty big. I don’t know why I always freak out about fitting in the rides but I’ve never had a problem since the incident last year. Anyway… the accent to the top is rather slow. You feel like you NEVER stop heading for the top. The view from the top is amazing. It’s absolutely breath taking. We were lucky and ended up facing the park at the top. You feel like you are up there for an ETERNITY! At this point I had taken back what I had said about the ride being small. This was INSANE! Finally about 20 minutes later(slight exaggeration) we were dropped like stones. The feeling is incredible. I’ve been on many drop towers but none so thrilling. You feel like you are falling forever. AMAZING. This wins for the single most terrifying experience I’ve ever had on an amusement park ride EVER.

Intensity: +5

Negative G’s: +5

Positive G’s: +4

Laterals: +2 (The rotating on the accent is a great added effect)

Speed: +5

Overall Ride: +4

After Drop Zone we were all SO excited. What a way to start the day. We would have gone on it again but the line had gotten long. The next ride was obvious. It was really close and towered over EVERYTHING. Time to meet the kid…

Son of Beast:

This ride is BEAUTIFUL. I could stare at it all day. No pictures can do this ride justice. I took the advice of about every single person on this board and decided to sit in the middle row of each car. We had an odd number of people so two of my friends sat in 1:2, I sat with a friend in 2:2 and my other friend sat alone in 2:3. We went out of the station and had a peaceful journey to the lift hill. The lift hill is a lot steeper than I thought it would be and is VERY loud. The first drop is AWESOME. The speed you gather while going down it is blistering. The rose bowl was great also. It was fast and intense. The loop was forceful and was a great part of the ride. The second helix, although not as forceful as the first, was still great. The head choppers at the end of it were really cool. I’ve never ducked on a coaster before but this time I did. The next hill was kind of disappointing. Similar to the ride in general, this hill provided no airtime whatsoever. To sum it up, Son of Beast was AMAZING. The word “brilliant” was running through my head the entire ride. It was fast, intense, and for the most part SMOOTH. Yeah, that’s right. The ride was SMOOTH.

Intensity: +5

Negative G’s: - 4

Positive G’s: +4

Laterals: +3

Speed: +5

Overall Ride Rating: +4

Because we were right next to it, we decided to hit up Top Gun next. You people weren’t lying about the queue. It’s quite a hike. Once we finally arrived at the station, we were happy to see that there were two trains running and not much of a line. I grabbed seat 2:2 and my friends grabbed 2:1 and 3:1.

Top Gun:

I really enjoyed this ride. It was a little slower than I expected and a little rougher but it was still a good time. I figured that we might have had a better ride if we sat near the back. We never got around to riding it again though. My friends all thought it was boring. I wonder if any of them have ridden Iron Dragon.

Intensity: +2

Negative G’s: -2

Positive G’s: +1

Laterals: +3 (Swinging Sensation)

Speed: +1

Overall Ride Rating: +1

Since we were in Action Zone we decided to do Delirium. This thing looks a lot bigger in pictures. The line for the ride was pretty long and the ride itself was really short! Still, watching this thing in action was pretty cool.


The seats for this ride are pretty and so are the restraints. It’s kind of hard to see around them. You gain momentum on this ride really fast. Pretty soon you’re up in the air almost inverted! It’s quite a rush. The force and speed this thing gives off is pretty intense. My only complaint is that before you know it, the ride is over. Also, this thing hardly spins. It might be a little more intense if it were to spin faster. My friends described this ride as “relaxing” and “peaceful”. I didn’t quite understand that.

Intensity: +3

Negative G’s: +4

Positive G’s: +4

Laterals: -2 (Spinning)

Speed: +5

Overall Ride Rating: +3

I wanted to ride Face Off next but the line was pretty long. It had been a long morning so we decided to go to the car for lunch. Lunch was great. Whoever said you go broke when you go to an amusement park? We had subs (which we got from college), chips and soda all in the car. Since it was a hot day we turned the AC on and relaxed for a little. It was a nice break.

After lunch we headed back into the park and knew what we had to do next. We still had to ride the Beast. It took a minute to find this ride. It’s all the way in the back of the park and its entrance is kind of hidden. There really wasn’t a line. I would say we waited about 10 minutes. I rode by myself in this one in row 2:3 while my friends rode in 2:2 and 3:1.

Stay tuned…

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rentzy17 said:

It was fast, intense, and for the most part SMOOTH. Yeah, that’s right. The ride was SMOOTH. rentzy17***

It must be nice to not be tall. SoB is the only coaster that I have 'disliked' in my life. My knees broke.

Down is the new up.
Where did you sit though?

I sat in the middle of the cars and was told that because of that, I would have a smoother ride. Don't worry, we rode SOB later in the day and some of my friends sat above the wheel. One of my friends who did that is over 6 feet tall.

They had some different things to say about it at that point.

^ As a local I must say that the trains do suck but the ride did get much better this season with lots of new track.

Hi.....whats your name again?

As a local and a good friend with PKIEMPSOB. I must agree with him. The trains are painful and the legroom is worse than a crowded schoolbus. But it still is getting better and better with all new impovements PKI is doing to it.

Agreed totally, but I refuse to ever ride it again untill the trains/restraints are changed. the roughness/speed were not the problem for me. Also, Beast is one of my favorite Woodies.

I don't think PKI is a very height friendly park in general.

Down is the new up.

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