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Sunday, October 27, 2002 5:02 PM

On Sat the 26th me and my family at 6 left for Kings Island, I had a friend bail out on me at the last sec, so I was basically going to ride solo for the entire day. We got to the Kings island resort and hopped on the shuttle and got to the park around 12. I won't give rating for the rides, but I'll list them in which I thought was best to worst, it may surpirse you.

1. Face/Off- Man the only smooth fast and fun coaster and I can really tell this is the best ride in the park that doesn't give youy a headache, and I thought Vekoma's were rough, make a few like this and they'll be the number one coasters for me. Plus this was my first vekoma inverted boomerang, the wait time sucked and it takes forever to get on, but the ride itself was aloit of fun.

2. Drop Zone- WOW, I mean its so scary, a great drop ride, the best in the world in my opinion. I loved the spin and at 315 feet can be seen from anywhere in the park, plus when it comes down it litteraly blows you away with all that wind. Oh also, very short wait times with all those seats.

3. Flight of fear- really the same as I remember at PKD, but still a really fun ride with the lapbars and the launch is always the best part.

4. Beast- this ride was very good, even better at night, but a litlle rough but still alot of fun.

5. Top Gun- this is the best arrow suspended in the world or which I've been on and was very cool, plus I loved the top gun music playing in the station.

6. Tomb Raider: The Ride- I loved the theming and the ride is really cool, love the whole ice and volcano theme. My first time on a huss top spin. I loved it. Almost make me wish for next year, KW might put their top spin in a box [pumpkin.gif]
7. Vortex- this ride is ok. Its got alot of inversion, but rough, I hurt my knees on this ride, but the ride was still fun for an arrow mega looper.

8. Racer- only had backwards running, but I opted not to ride it, since I've been on the one at PKD and that one was really painful.

9. Adventure Express- fun, but not really well themed as I remember.

10. Son of Beast- this is the orst ride there, I'm sorry there is not one part I enjoyed. maybe it was the trains fault cause my legs got banged up I had welts on my legs, maybe it they changed to millenium Flyer trains, I'd be happy. But after the lift its just pain even in the loop. If I could rate It I'd only give it a 1.

Well theming for fright fest was cool, I loeved the blood fountains and the balck light on the Eiffel tower. Coney Mall section had all this fog and monsters roaming around so that was very cool. I didn't go on any haunted houses cause lines were really long and pointless since I was by myself, but I did go on Elvira's Superstion which is alot better than 7th portal or Smash Factory and it was the funnest ride of the night. I also saw WEBN's Celebrity Slaughter where the kill celebrity's and man it was so funny and the best show I've ever seen. They killed Carrot Top, Britney Spears, Anna Nicole Smith, Cincy's weather man, and a guest audience member they put in a eltric chair and throw 3 buckets of blood on so it was really cool. Also theming around the park was ok, Action Zone didn't have much, but I did get pictures of the contruction site and other places, so overall it was a good time.
The Jokes on You!! Ha Ha

Wednesday, October 30, 2002 5:37 PM

It sounds like you had a somewhat good time. I've never been there.

I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks Elvira's Superstition is better than Smash Factory or 7th Portal. Superstition just throws you around a whole lot more. Of course, this is the PKD version, but still the same thing.


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