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I have been a member of CB for a while and check it out every day. This is my first post. We visited PKI Easter Sunday and filmed a new video. I just wanted to share it with you and get your opinions. Hope you enjoy it

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I cannot believe that I drove over 250 (500 round trip) Miles down to your park and four major rides were not running!

Don't you prepare all winter for opening day?

This was my first and probably last visit to your park!

The poor uptime of rides is unacceptable!

No one was helpful concerning any information regarding when rides would be up and running again! "Maybe later tonight." Was all we were told.

Note me and my daughter stayed till 8:30 PM closing!! None of the rides reopened.

Son of Beast will be closed until later this spring. That was the extent of any info we received regarding any non-running rides.

I am glad I did not have a hotel room booked for multiple days. I would be even madder if I booked a room for the weekend and the rides never reopened

I will tell others of my trip and what a waste of time and gas money it was to drive down to your park.

Redneck Carney Parks have better ride uptime.

I will also post my comments about my dissatisfaction on coasterbuzz, pointbuzz, and others in 48 hours.

Nice video

What really stands out for me though was what happened to Beastie. The new name is bad enough, but I didn't realize that they removed the tunnel too. Man....these corporate parks are really clueless sometimes. They turned a unique little coaster with identity into something bland.

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What rides weren't open besides Son of Beast?
On Easter, S.O.B. , Face Off, & Delerium were all closed the entire day. Vortex was down for less than an hour while I was at the park. I had left just before 6:00pm. A few of the kiddie rides were also closed.

Face Off started testing around 3:00pm, and I was told it would not open that day.

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