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Arrived on Thurs May 29th, shortly before 10am, sans paper money, only to find you can't charge parking! You can certainly charge everything else, but not that. Grrrr!!!...Worsening things, the attendant had no clue as to where a bank or ATM was!! The park should at least be able to inform out of towners where they may get some quick cash!!!

Finally in at 10:20am. I've heard about The Beast since I was young, and went straight there. Rode twice before meeting up with Nasai, Peabody, and Incidentalist. Later we would meet up with Koaster King, Gregleg, Loriu, and more enthusiasts; it was a great day!

Upon arrival, it was said that backwards Racer And Top Gun would not open today:(, oh well....

In no particular order;

the Beast: Grade A+. Wow!!! got in 6 rides throughout the day, all over the place. A winner everytime. This has a force that's darn near tangible. There are those who talk about how it was before being trimmed, but what the heck do I care? All I know is, this is one coaster that lives up to it's name.....

Tomb Raider: Grade B. I had never ridden a top spin of any sort, as MW's seems closed every visit, and WoA's was down when I visited yesterday. Fun ride, but I was expecting a bit more. I thought we would be flipped over multiple times in a row in quick succession, but that doesn't happen. Nice effects.The most exciting thing was seeing nasai get ready to open a can o' whoop-ass on some line-jumpers!

Drop Zone: I hate(d) heights, so I had never been on a freefall outside of those 100-footers, 1st generation intamins like Demon Drop (I have ridden the one at MM several times). So I was apprehensive about this towering behemoth. I just kept remimding myself I wouldn't die on it. I expected to close my eyes about halfway up, but instead wound up enjoying the great view! The release got me, but the smile on the way down was indicative of bliss. I now love drop rides!!!!

Beastie and RugratsRR are family rides that are still very enjoyable rides for adults. I would ride these again easily, and recommend them to friends.

Flight of Fear: Grade B. My first Premiere spaghetti bowl. Very confusing layout made all the more so by being in the dark. I felt it was a tad too jarring, and wondered what it was like with the old restraints. Thankfully, I'll never know.

Racer. Grade B (forewards), Grade A+ (backwards). That's right, backwards side opened after all. Woo-hoo!! I had never ridden a coaster backwards, and was slightly bummed upon arriving at the park this morning. Forwards, there are nice moments of air, but a bit too much head banging, even for a woodie. Backwards is a whole new ball game. Far less head rattling, and the view of seeing the track appear from under the train and then dissapering into the distance is amazing! My favorite is of course the front going backwards, so that your the last person going up the lift. Great airtime backwards to boot:)!!

Scooby's Haunted Castle: Grade B. I suck at these shoot them up rides. But then again, I was using two pistols because there were only two of us in the car, so my aim was a morph of the two guns; no wonder I couldn't hit the broad side of a barn! But who cares?! I was having a blast pretending I was Chow Yun Fat in a John Woo film;)

Son of Beast: Grade B+. Don't know why this gets a bad rap. Sure it could use additional airtime, but makes up for that in other ways. It's a huge woodie, so it's gonna be rough ("Ahh....the way your mother likes it, Trebek!"). Only got one ride, and left wanting more. Oh well, next year...

the Flyers: Grade B+. Now I know what all this cable-snapping talk is about. While I did not acheive such extremities, others did, and it was still a great flat ride!

Vortex. grade B-. I like them mega-loopers, and this was no exception. Yeah, it's showing it's age in the transitions, but still a worthy ride ( Is there any ride in this park I don't like-No!)

Face-Off: Grade B. Seems faster than Invertigo at PGA, and as a result, more intense.

Delirium: Grade A. I like the KMG Afterburner at my Oaks Park, and this makes that look like a kid's toy! Every park must have one of these!!!....

Top Gun: Grade B+. Yep, it opened too. Someone up there likes me, becuase everything I wanted to do eventually opened, outside of the mine ride, which I hear is good for it's type. Again, next year! Anyways, this is easily the most intense suspended out there. Ninja and Iron Dragon are relative jokes compared to what this baby does. My only gripe; what I was expecting to be a mid-course brake run was the station brakes! Too Short!!!!

I like the landscaping here. this park is very gorgeous. the ride-ops were the best I had ever encountered, including Disney. The restrooms were "clean as a whistle" (really, what does that mean?), and free of "off-smells". Next year I am scheduling 2 days here....

I've gotten the Point of life, and can now pass away a happy man!.......

Wow, now that I think about it, PKI does keep their restrooms clean. I don't think I have ever gone in a restroom their when a custodian wasent in there.


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Ah, to open a can o' whoop ass! Great TR, Robob! Very nice, and a fun read. Wish we could have had more days with you, but I guess I can't complain about 5, eh? :):)
Hair Metal? I think not. - Click it, or lose it. ;)
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The company was much appreciated, as I knew no one else. But now I do:)! I was also lucky that Incidentalist was able to make it up all day that following Tues for my first day ever at CP, so I wasn't all by myself. More to come on the rest of the trip, but back to the real world now (read: work:()

Take care, Rob

I've gotten the Point of life, and can now pass away a happy man!.......

Another kickarse TR, RoBoB. SOB ruled on Thursday, but Monday was a real letdown where I was sitting and for the rest of us that met there that day. The train was incredibly bouncy and it was probably the second worse ride ever. I would say ours with you was the second *best*, so we were lucky! Great meeting you and I hope we can all do it again sometimes.

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