PKI closing day - Who's that Beast video guy?

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We arrived at the park around 9:15 or so to an empty parking lot. We go in through the gates, what a massive amount of enthusiasts. Talked with Sean for a minute, and surprisingly he wasn't bragging about the Beast video he did for the park. ;)

Eric and I decided to walk down and get a hot chocolate and a pretzel, mmmmmm, pretzels. Okay, I'm going to make a soft pretzel now be right back.

Then its time for the walkback. This was not quite running like it was last time at the walkback, it was acutually moving. Ran really good for a cool morning ride.

Off to Tomb Raider we go, complete walk-on. After hearing the rumors, the program has changed, it didn't go upside down yesterday, it was now our turn to see. I found those to be a load of crap. That program has had minor alterations, other than that, nothing since day one.

After this it was time to look at the old flyer stomping ground. This sucked. We just stood there and looked at it for a minute. The pyramid was still there, just tore to hell and back. The whole place was a big pile of ripped up concrete.

Then it was off to Vortex, wait a minute, not it wasn't. It was time for our group to ride Vortex and Kris and Eric to ride Delirium. I love this ride, my favorite at PKI. We waited about 15 minutes, exited and saw Sean again. Then a whole slew of people, Danny, Kristin, Tina, Brad and many others. Of course, they wanna ride Delirium. Does Kris care? Hell no, this is his favorite ride at PKI (now). About another 15 minute wait. (I refer to myself in the 3rd person a lot now, just like on of those annoying athletes).

We decide to hop onboard for Adventure Express. We waited about 5 minutes. Got my first ride Kristin, dont you feel priveleged now?

Next onto the backward Racer, which was only running one train (which helps Kris out a little later). The line took a little while for how short it was because of the one train operation, but hearing Chris Trotter tell his SFAW story was classic. I rode the first time in the back with Tina, once again, a virgin at riding coasters with Kris. Thats all changed now. Rides over, one train operation come in handy. I moved over a seat and rode with Eric. Got to see the old 'tiques while riding, so that was cool.

Next we went out to the car. We bought some B&M shirts off of some guy who's name I did not catch. Then we went to Sean's car, and to our surprise, Richard Simmons was tied up in the trunk. Just kidding, he wasn't, but there was a pogo stick. We got his camera, went to Eric's truck, got his camera, and went to back in.

Off to the Festhaus to eat some lunch and share some flyer footage we had. We at hung out for a bit, met a TTD ride op, and headed out (all the while, the Bengals were winning).

We walked around IJ:ST for a bit, then decided to go up on the Eiffel Tower to see the construction. We called up Kristin, then we could see them at the TR:TR entrance. So we headed down for another spin.

This time it sucked. An hour wait, but at least we hung out and got to ride in the front again. I talked to Brad mostly in line, got to know him finally, never really talked to him before. Do you play the drums by the way?

Then after making our rounds around the park, seeing the long lines, we opted to hang out for a bit. Back to the Festhaus. We ate, again. I ran out to the truck real quick to grab my coat. I came back with a bag full of candy, then everyone wants some.

So we go to the candy shop to get some discounted candy, but it was a hat that caught my eye this time. You know those mult-colored hats with propellers? It was one of those, with a horn instead. It was a kiddie, but what the hell, it seemed fun.

So we head back to The Beast and hung out for a long time, almost 2 hours before we even sent The Beast into hibernation.

A group of GP noticed Sean and asked if that was him on the video. Hahaha, that was great. No gloating by Sean though, such a humble man. Everyone had fun honking my horn while we were there. There were a few other funny stories that I will not discuss for the sake of reputations, or whats left of them. Talked to Jeff and Maureen for a bit, then headed up for our last ride.

Eric and I got the front seat on the last ride, YAY! Great ride, ran good, then went home happy. Thanks PKI for 2004.

"Honk if your horny"

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It was nice meeting/hanging out you Kris! It was a great day, not to mention how warm the weather was! Sorry I couldn't stick around longer.

I could not get over how short Drop Zone's lines were. It was sort of confusing considering they only had the outside queue opened. It made you think the wait was at least 2 hours but once you get closer you realize that the main queue is empty. ;-)


Where are my manners..........nice meeting you too Patrick! Heheheheh.

-Tina *** Edited 11/8/2004 8:12:11 PM UTC by coasterqueenTRN***

Hey! This is Patrick, it was really nice meeting you! LOL "honk if your horny!!!" That was sooo bad, but I was laughing so hard. Tina, it was nice meeting you too! *** Edited 11/8/2004 12:13:10 PM UTC by cdrpointcrazy44***


Thanks for the good times, Kris. It was awesome to finally meet you, albeit at the end of the season. If I'm ever in your area I'll definitely let you know. *cough: stalker: cough*

I feel so overwhelmingly privileged to have ridden Adventure Express with you, but even more lucky that I got to honk your horn more times than anyone else. We all got a big horn-y last night I think. ;)

Kristin ...Proud lurker, seldom poster...
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What a great closing day! It's too bad I hardly saw anyone until the last hour of park operations anyway.

Kristin is HOT

LMAO @ "Honk if you're horny". Jeff enjoyed that more than anyone I'm sure. ;)

Although we didn't get to ride much, I always have a blast just hanging out with everyone. There were times when I completely forgot we were there to ride and we were just having fun talking it up, stumbling into new inside jokes, telling hilarious stories about each other, etc. Thanks Kristin, Jeff, Sean, Kris, Pat, Brad, Rob, Cindy, John, Eric, Dave, Siebert, Maureen, all of our stalkers, and anyone I missed for another fantastic closing day! We'll definitely have to hang out this off-season* and I'll see a lot of you at No Coaster as well.

*stalkers not included

Sounds like you all had fun. I'm glad you could all manage without me. ;)

You know, of course, that my silly comments are born out of total jealousy of all you Ohio people who get to hang out for events and closing days and what not.

Why did I move here again? :(

Off to find a some cheese to go with my whine,


"Want to be upside down, maybe thrown from side to side" - The New Pornographers, The Fake Headlines

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It was pretty much stalker-free, Danny, thanks to Kristin and Jeff looking out for me. ;-)


*** Edited 11/8/2004 11:48:52 PM UTC by coasterqueenTRN***

Stalkerfest *really* came out after dark, Tina. Be glad you left early. ;)

Just realized I missed your name above, so thank you for all the fun as well! I'm going to go through withdrawl of you and Delirium this off-season. ;)


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Are enthusiasses running up to you with air horns? Do certain people desire naked photos of your friends? If so, then call Kristin and Jeff for all your anti-stalker needs. If they can't take the hint, then take some of ours.
Team America: Kristin and Jeff - Keeping 'buzzers safe since 1903.


- This message was not endorsed by the analog palm pilot association of america

- Skydiving Jeff :) *** Edited 11/9/2004 1:23:43 AM UTC by cedarit***

*Roffles* @ Kristin and Jeff. I think you covered all the bases of coasterenthusiasstalkerdom. Call me. ;)

+Danny, this thing's loaded

Yes, we're getting pretty good at repelling/hiding from stalkers, but I don't know about going into business. I had about all I could take between closing day at CP and then again at PKI yesterday. Maybe we should make it easy on ourselves and just write "The Coaster Enthusiast's Guide to Getting Rid of Creepy Stalkers". I'm pretty sure we could find an all-encompassing solution to their needs.

-Kristin, this is *not* what I signed up for ;)

*** Edited 11/9/2004 12:50:10 AM UTC by Kristin Marie***

Kristin ...Proud lurker, seldom poster...

You said you were going to do it. I can't believe you actually went throught with it. I guess I should have expected this coming from someone that simply won't shut up about the political message he painted on his car a few weeks ago. Dude! They are gone. Get over it. =:^)


Too bad you couldn't hang out with us the rest of the day as it got rather "sticky" as the day went on. I did get your message but not until later that night.


The "honk if you horny" bit just added to the already strange mood of the night. I watched my footage today and was crying because it was so funny.


It was cool seeing you as well. Too bad we didn't meet up earlier.


Did you notice that you and I are mainly the only ones that are still commenting on the one-week old "disgusting vision of lust" memory? I can't even imagine what a whole off-season is going to do to that collective abuse item.


I agree with you. Yesterday was clearly more about hanging out then riding. I just wish I would have taken that picture of you next to the person you are stalking......or was that the other way around? I can't remember. Stalkermaina really did show its ugly head last night.


We had a pretty twisted group yesterday. I don't want to even think what the PKI folks think of us now. Despite what some people think or what they will tell you, I honestly didn't have anything to do with the "honk if you are horny" thing.


Thanks for the help in making the drive back to Columbus a short one. I learned a lot more about skydiving and can't want to take my next jump. Oh, and screw Bob Evans!!

I can't think of a better way to put an end to my coaster season. Jeff and Mo-Mo are the best! The Beast crew was great yesterday as well! Thanks guys!

-Sean (who is wondering which friends are buried under that pile of concrete)

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It was a fun day at PKI even though Cindy (CheerTrinity7) and I popped in and out of the group throughout the day we still had a great time at the park. Special thanks goes out to Kristin and the Pimpstar for hauling our Krispy Creme butts out there. Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't Brad play drums?

Oh and congrats for our newly budding enthusiast Cindy for hitting her 50th coaster on Beastie!

~Rob "Not the *Only* leg-humper" Willi

wow you guys, wish i had been there :) although, PKD closing day was almost as much fun. i defnitely have to trek out to the Buckeye state this winter to see everyone!! congrats Cindy!!!!

Tim *would let Rob hump my leg anyday* Pugh *** Edited 11/9/2004 2:41:49 AM UTC by vacoasterfreak***

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+Danny said:
LMAO @ "Honk if you're horny". Jeff enjoyed that more than anyone I'm sure.

Jeff was just so confused when it happened.
By the way, I was the kid listening to Jeff just before they let us put the Beast to rest. I had on a Louisville hat and hoodie.

University of Louisville Speed School of Engineering

You are lucky you didn't spend the entire day with us or chances are you would have left us for good. We were a rowdy bunch yesterday.

Speaking of the bunch, here are a couple of pictures I took yesterday.


There were quite a few people listening to Jeff when the "moment" happened. I am sure your reaction was as confusing as the rest of the folks that saw it. =:^)


Can you get me the number of that cutie on the far right in the second picture, Sean? ;)


Sean, do not doubt me. You know you laughed when you saw the title!

Just to let everyone know, Sean has never gloated about this because he is a better person than that. The Beast video is gone forever. So I say let it be history.

Thanks Sean, for one good year of Beast video memories! ;)

I was with the guy that put on the beanie hat :P

Then he stuck it on me!


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