PKI-Back to my roots 7/17/01-7/18/01 (Long)

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Sunday, July 22, 2001 9:55 AM
Yes it was that time again to finally get back to Kings Island. Living closer to Cedar Point and Six Flags Ohio I realized it had been well over 5 years since we had been to Kings Island and it was time to get down there and check out the new and improved Flights of Fear and Sonny. I was back from whence I started my coaster addiction. I was back to my roots so to speak the last time I was there Days of Thunder was the newest attraction and there was no such thing as "ACTION ZONE".
So we started off our trip with a walk-on ride on Flights of Fear front seat. WOW! Since I had never ridden this (with or without OTSR's) I was pleasantly surprised. Man this thing flies! The only downer was that the had some kind of strobe lights on the ceiling so you could see. Why they would do that is beyond me but it was at least a 8.5/10 (turn off the lights and 9.5/10)
Racers- We decided to hit these quickly. Walked right and hit backwards side first. This was it I hadn't been on the Racer since I took my first coaster ride and this time I could enjoy it. Wow airtime GALORE. Enjoyed backwards more than forwards. 7.5/10
Vortex- We hit this again and again. I remember actually liking this one the first time, but now man I couldn't stop thinking how Shockwave at Great America was so painful and how this was so much different so much FUN. They are both multi-loopers, they are both made by Arrow (correct?), but Vortex plain and simple launches you out of your seat on the drop, takes you up another turn around hill, and then takes you through two loops and then my favorite part the brake run which slows you down enough to totally enjoy the two "lofty" corkscrews. Then the cobra element and helix and back to the station. 8.0/10
Beast-CLOSED for most of the first day, including at night but opened all of the second day we were there. What more can I say, but I LOVE THIS THING! The 5 day rides were great and everything but I think what clinched it for me was my front seat night ride. 5 years ago I had declined to ride the Beast at night and sat on the bench waiting for my cousins to come back and tell me what a great time they had. Now would be different now it was time to tackle this unchained beast and put him back in his lair. It was getting pretty foggy in the valleys as the Besat was awaiting. The station was rockin' you know loud everyone making noise cheering that atmosphere that makes you glad your a coaster addict. :) We leave the station the grand finale of the fireworks going off as we reached the lift hill. By the time we hit the second lift my voice was practically gone and we hadn't even hit the best part. The tunneled helixs were insane at night not being able to see anything it felt like we could bust through at any minute something I love that out of control feeling. The Beast gave it his best and had me convinced that 5 years is just too long of time to go without challeging him. day- 9.5/10 night-10/10
Sonny- I have to say this ride is brain bustin. Some of my buddies told me I had been detach my brain before riding and I think I should have taken thier advice. It was hell-bent on throwing me off of the train, but we would not go easily, we tackled this thing 10 times throughout the two days and each time it got better. Since Beast was closed the first night we decided to see how much SOB would offer us at night. I guess I forgot to ask myself how much fun it would be to watch a firework show and ride a coaster at night all at the same time? Man oh man that was the highlight SOB ride. To make a long story short the drop out of the station is great, the many helixes are insanely awesome, and the loop is beautiful. day- 8.75/10 night-9.25/10
King Cobra- We decided to only do this once a day even though its a classic stand-up with that unique harness system. I enjoy this one for its sedimental value but its not one of my PKI favorites. In my opinion better that IW at SFGam but thats not saying much. 5.5/10.
Top Gun- brought to you by Gillette Mach 3 and oh yeah some BO to go with it. The OTSR's smelled something awful, but the ride was pretty good. Better than ID at Cedar Point and good enough to get a 5.5/10.
Drop Zone- I love this thing! Man we got a great view of the whole park as you spin around the tower. The line for this wasn't that bad so we got over 10 rides on this thing in the 2 days we were there. 316 feet of falling is tremendous and this thing is a great asset to the park. Now if it only would boucne back up :) 9.0/10
Face/Off- We got to watch a guy fix a broken wheel as we entered the station, so we decided to stick it out and give ourselves a little break. Absolutely loved the face-off cars, but the ride itself has a lot to be desired. I liked being stuck to the harness on the way up the lifts. All I have to say is when De Ja Vu opens it will be insane going straight up like that and having to totally rely on your harness. 5.0/10 thanks to the face off cars other than that 3.0/10
Suprisingly Runaway Reptar had a long line and we never had the patience to wait when everything else was waiting with little or no lines. Oh well we did though do 7th Portal which wasn't bad, but I wish they would bring back DOT :). All and all it was two great days and I won't leave it hanging another 5 years. :)

I knew we had picked some good days to come hot and humid with overcast skies.
Monday, July 23, 2001 8:17 AM
Great TR! I miss Days of Thunder too:(

"Bathroom 1 looks too intense for me"-Ed Markey
Monday, July 23, 2001 8:27 AM
I have one question though. I was at the park on the 18th and 19th. On the 18th The Beast was closed in the morning and then around six o`clock when the ride shut down, causing my train to be stuck in the brake shed before the station. There was also a car on the 1st lift with people on it. We ended up having to walk back into the station and they had to walk the people down from the lift hill. On the 19th The Beast was running but they did have to close it twice to take off, and then put on the third train. In those two days, I got seven ride in on The Beast, includin a front seat and three night rides!
Monday, July 23, 2001 10:44 AM
Coastersrz your right the Beast was closed on the 18th I was there on the 18th and 19th unfortunately I didn't have a calendar in front of me and put 7/17 and 7/18 we probably walked right passed each other two coasterbuzzers oblivious.:)

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