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Thursday, August 7, 2003 1:39 PM
im not gonna write a long report but i went on friday august first to kings island 12 of us. i recommend not going with a huge crowd unless you all enjoy doing the same thing. we got there and it didnt seem to be too bad but more crowded then what im used to. since im the veteran there i said to start with teh beast and go aroudn or whatever.

The beast. 9/10-rode in the middle first thing in the morning good ride of course. man i dislike the trim brakes***wait time none***

Vortex-8/10 dropped my sunglasses way below oh well. i rode in the back and let me tell ya the devils whip is great on this ride as usual. ***wait time none***

flight of fear-7.5/10- i waited for the front seat since it was teh same size as all the other ques so it was the first time for me in the front of this ride. the launch is awesome in the front but thats about it. it seems to be slower in the front the rest of the ride. oh well . i deducted points because the restaints suck more then anything and premier pretty much cant design a train..example sob***wait time30 minutes***

front first- rode in the back and lost to all my other friends on backwards i heart backwards always wins
back-welp we started at the smae time then the driver brakes for 3 seconds and lets us go and we lose again i was pissed
i give the ride 7/10 and teh drivers 1/10 cuz i lost both times***wait time none***

ate outside to save cash money which is a good idea. today me and my friend split up and just kinda have fun by ourselves i find a day more enjoyable if you just relax a little more and have more fun back to the rides

white water canyon-9.9/10..***wait time 1 hour** the wait time was horrible but let me explain the high marks. we got put right across from a MILF a really really hot 28 year old or so mom that got so wet and was wearing a short black skirt that we could see up...damn i love this ride so much

delirum-9/10 **favorite non rollercoaster ride* this ride was awesome i believe in all 76 mph of this ride. and the wait was only 20 minuts all day i loved this ride.

tomb raider-8/10 seemed much more fun this time then in the years past..wait time was 15 minutes.. not too shabby

drop zone-8.9/10 i love this ride as well i just love sticking the hands and arms out and feeling the fall..gotta love it**wait time 20-30 minutes**

flying eagles-7/10..ours was weighted down too much and we didnt get any lift iw as dissapointed**wait time 25minutes**

Zephyr(swings)8/10-made me sick the most but it wasnt bad when we were getting goofy and pretending to be**wait time none*

i didnt ride face off,sob,top gun but that doesnt dissapoint me and by the way i didnt get any construction or land clearing except on the very back of the racer by sponge bob 3d ride..back there i couldnt get pictures though

i give the trip a 9/10 very fun as usual

Thursday, August 7, 2003 2:13 PM
I saw the same clearing back there, but most of the buzzers seem doubtful anything is happening back there. Nice TR. Delirium is my fav non-coaster ride to.
Friday, August 8, 2003 3:33 AM
coasterqueenTRN's avatar I was there Thursday and had a great time! They have "Thrill Seeker Thursdays" for season passholders which means you get ERT from 9-10am on Delirium, Drop Zone, SOB (which wasn't running at the time) and Face Off.

It's awesome. There was hardly anyone there from 9-10 yesterday. It was heaven. 10 rides on Drop Zone, about 5 on Delirium, and two on Face off.

I left around noon but most of the coasters were walk-on.

Actually, it seemed like the Beastie and Reptar had the longest lines.


Gimme speed, height, airtime and plenty of LAUNCH!!!
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