PKI ACE Winter Soar 02-25-06

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What a fun trip! Kind of odd though considering it was in the 50's when we left Columbus so why did Kings Island feel like up north with the cold and all the wind?? Ohio winters...blech! :(
I am sure Jeffrey is laughing it up enjoying his 70+ weather in Texas!!

Met up with some familiar ACE and GOCC faces and met a few new ones too. Despite having NO CP or Raptor things on me I still manage to be reconized! Never ceases to amaze my hubby he just loves being married to a star! ;)

After gathering of the group, Maureen (PKI PR) led us all on our tour of the upcoming Nickelodean Universe. It is hard to believe that in 6 weeks all the construction will be completed. The area is absolutely torn up! It sounds as though the extra attractions will be quite the addition for kids and families alike! The new rides sound awesome! :)

We headed to the public picnic area where we saw the "storage" area for most of the trash cans, dippin dots and chiller stands. Many of the Winterfest items were here also. Best things? Vortex cars, Shake Rattle and Roll cars, and all the water rides logs and boats. We were walked by the maintenance area to see Top Gun cars, SOB cars, and Adventureland Express cars. I found it interesting that besides the coaster/ride cars which were under the picnic shelters, most of the other cars were covered and protected. I know that at CP their coaster cars are left out in the open all over the park during the off season. Hmmm, wonder why the difference?

Seeing the park in the winter stage was errie. When it finally got dark to not see the Eiffel Tower seemed so wrong! International Street looked nothing like it does during the season!

We had dinner (La Rosa's pizza and brownies-yummy!:) followed by presentations and stories from various speakers. Always very entertaining! Followed by the give aways and auction.
They saved the best for last with Maureen trying to address certain rumors and to again talk about how wonderful the new Nickelodean Universe will be. It is true that all 5 Paramount parks are for sale, anyone have a few million they can spare? ;)

Let me say here that Maureen has moved into her position with the greatest of confidence and ease. She is quick witted and her knowledge and devotion to PKI shines when she talks. She has a wonderful sense of humor!
Jeff left big shoes to fit and it is obvious Maureen had NO problem filling them!! :)
I am sure all will agree!

My only disappointment was not winning one of the 3 CoasterCon bags and magnets that PKI offered for the give away. Guess I will just have to be happy with my "Skyhawk" button!!

Thanks to Maureen and PKI for a wonderful time! Thanks to Russ for help getting it organized!!
To all my fellow ACE'ers and GOCC'ers it was great seeing you all! Hang on, spring is coming!! :)

Sean--PLEASE do try to get me a DVD of that coaster show!! I had totally forgotten about even taping that show (it was almost 3 years ago!) and I would love to see it!! I would appreciate it so much!
I couldn't even find the show listed on their website!

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I loved this event as well. Maureen was wonderful and an incredible host. I enjoyed listening to her top 10 PKI myths speech. I wish I could remember more of what she said, but I am so tired right now. But it was good to see Kings Island again, if only for a while in the cold. It makes me look forward to the new season. I also enjoyed seeing the inside of the International Restaurant for the first time!
It's good to see Maureen is jumping right in, PKI couldn't have made a better choice with Jeff's departure. We were just watching the Brady Bunch & Tomb Raider spoofs they made the other day. Still absolutely hilarious.

Looking forward to Beastbuzz already!

Now officially a Halloween Haunt Cornstalker for Fall '08!
SOAR was very fun.

They have a LOT of work to do before opening day, though!

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