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Thursday, August 22, 2002 7:42 PM

I went to PKI today with my friend and her family. For the most part it was a great day. The park wasn't to crowded everything was a walk on.

First we hit The Beast. Awesome ride, it was a shame to see those breaks on the first drop. I was talking to my ride-op buddy Brian, he said he didn't know why they put the breaks on for sure, but he said that it was just running way to fast and it was ripping the track apart. Good ride it was kinda slow but it was early.

Then we hit the fliers. Good ride, lots of wind!

Next we hit one of my favorite rides in the park. The Viking Fury or just Furry as i like to call it. Well on this first ride I was very dissapointed. The ride lasted about 40 seconds, we didn't get close to maximum height. I left the furry very angry at the ride-ops

Next i got some lunch then got in line for sonny. Well I should say walked on sonny. I only had to wait 2 trains for the front seat. Good ride, hurts like hell but it's still worth it.

Then I walked on the front seats of Adventure Express and The Racer. I still love both and will continue to ride these 2 very underated rides forever.

Next I hit Flight of fear wich was a 15 minnuite wait and it was awesome like always. We also went back to action zone to ride Face Off, about the same wait. Good ride!

Well the time had come to give my beloved furry another chance. And BOY AM I GLAD I DID!!! It was AWESOME!! It was running at max length and height. Good Job guys, Good ride!

Then I watched my favorite show, Gravyard Shift. I realy Apreciate stuff like this because it is what i do. Yeah this brings me to another point... MADUSA IS HOT!! I WOULD GIVE ANYTHING TO GET TO KNOW YOU MADUSA PLEASE READ THIS!!!! Yepp shes a hottie alright, I swear she winks at me everytime I watch the show.

Next I hit Racers Then Beast again witch was running abnormally fast!

Then to end the day I sang some Karaoke at the karaoke show infront of the Eifel Tower at 7:30. I messed up soo bad! It was funny though. I sang Higher by Creed.

Well that was a fun day. Thanks alot PKI, hope to sing more karaoke soon! HAHA. im outta here peace!

Justin---- who thinks MADUSA IS VERY HOTT!

Sit up right, hold on tight!

Thursday, August 22, 2002 8:14 PM
Of course she winks at you.....

The ice age killed the dinosaurs, we killed ourselves.

Friday, August 23, 2002 6:32 AM
Yeah I see what you are getting at.... But she winks at me inparticular :)

Sit up right, hold on tight!


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