PKI 8-13 to 8-14 Trip- Beast, SoB, and Delirum...

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Saturday, August 16, 2003 9:15 AM
The Mole's avatar Well, this is my first BIG trip to PKI in a long time and I was amazed at how good this park is. MUCH better thank PKD in terms of food, decorations, and rides. Even rides that are the same in both parks, the ones at PKI are MUCH BETTER! Now to the report!

FoF- Much more intense than the PKD one, it also has no mid-breaks like the PKD one. I still think the corkscrew at the end of this ride is the best corkscrew ever! 8/10

Delirum- Ah! My new favorite non-coaster/non-Disney ride ever! It's like a combination of the blasting out of the top on Volcano, the spinning on a scrambler, and the Gs and weightlessness on Mission:Space. Really good ride. 10/10

Tomb Raider- Nice ride, but a LONG wait. It seems that they closed downt the middle row of the top spin due to weight, so the wait is insaine. But don't ride in the front, a water jet went right into my face twice, and up my nose. OUCH!! 7/10

SoB- Fun, but ROUGH. I loved the loop and the drop, but the giant helix hurts like crap. 8/10

Vortex- bumpy ride that deserves to be melted. But I liked the bat wing... 4/10

SpongeBob- this is the first ride that I can say has a better pre-show than the actual ride. The pre-show is hilarious and shows the best of all the episodes. But the ride sucked. It made no sense and was just like they wanted to use the 3D aspect to the extreme. Why can't we just be an observer and not a participant? 4/10

Beast- the origional and the best. 'Nuff said. 9/10

Face-Off- proof that Vekoma is give a worse rap than it deserves, this ride is extremly intense, but not even that rickedy, bumpy, or head-banging. Fun when you are across from kids who have the **** scared out of them. 8/10

There are more, but as you can see, they wern't that memorable. But if you go to PKI, don't forget to try the pizza and burgers at the Festhaus and the fish & chips at Bubba Gumps. Hands down the best fish & chips I have ever had.

The Mole


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