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I spent a day and a half at the park. Overall crowds were light and I did not have to wait more than an hour for anything. Here are the highlights and the occasional lowlight.

Tomb Raider: This ride was plauged with problems throughout the two days I was there. I left the line twice because the problems were a little more than temporary unlike what the recording saying that there were temporary problems. Note to self: when the ride has a recorded message stating that there is a problem, that is not a good sign. I did manage one ride after about an hour wait. The theming was unique, but the ride itself did not overly impress me.

Vortex: 5 rides. I must say that this ride has aged well unlike other Arrow multi-loopers. I had no problems with headbanging, and this coaster has a nice layout to it with many good elements.

Racer: 5 backwards/1 forwards. I really like riding this backwards. It is a feeling that you do not get to experience all that often. It was running fast due to the heat. It is a decent ride

Top gun: 1 ride. Took a token ride on a decent Arrow suspended. It is just a little too short of a ride. There was no sign of the train that was involved in the incident a while back

Flight of Fear: 3 rides. The more I ride these coasters without the OSTRs, the more I like them. A decent ride, that is very comfortable without the headbanging.

Son of Beast: 2 rides. The first ride was not painful at all. However, my second ride was the most painful ride I have ever had on a coaster. The lap bar really gives me no room to move in these cars. (I'm 6 feet tall) On this second ride, my legs kept banging into the metal part on the underneath/side part of the restraint. Half way through, I wanted the ride to end. The drop and the loop itself were not painful at all. Maybe it had to do with were I was siting in the train. I was in the front of a set of three cars on the painful ride.

Beast: 3 rides. This ride was giving some great rides. Unforunately, it was not running the first night I was there. I got two rides during the day, and they were pretty good. However, nothing can quite compare to riding the Beast at night in the back seat. The ride was shaking me all over the place. The trims were not too strong, and it provided a crazy ride. The double helix has to be one of my favorite parts of any coaster. What a ride!

In conclusion, despite the occasional problem with rides, and some minor pain, I really enjoyed the wide vairety of coasters at this park.

One more thing: The park map you get upon entering states that something is coming in 2003. It is written small where King Cobra once stood. Also, that writing also appears on a fence where King Cobra was. However, I have no speculation on what it could be.

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SOB will give a very rough ride if yor sit over the weels, not shure what row that is in each car.

Glad you had fun!

See THE ULTIMATE in Orlando TR'S! Right now in the TR fourm!

Wheels are in the front and back of each individual car. I happen to love it in seats 1-2 and the last car middle row.

(Former Signature replaced due to bad joke with accident) The Beast at night-Two peas in a pod?

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