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Wednesday, July 10, 2002 11:27 AM

Hi this is my first time posting on CoasterBuzz, I'm a long time "lurker". Anyway I took my cousin who was visiting from Arizona to PKI on 7/5/02. The trip was planned at the spurt of the moment on 7/4 when he started asking me about Ohio's amusment parks. I told him the ultimate park was Cedar Point, but because CP is a 5 hour trip from my home in Southern Ohio, we could do a one day trip to PKI. He was all for it. He had recently visit Six Flags California, and wanted to compare it to PKI, more on that later.

We arrived at the park around 11AM, and he was initially impressed with PKI's skyline. Upon arriving at the park we learned that the Beast, Vortex and a number of other rides would be closing early due to PKI's Nights of Fire fireworks display. I really wanted to get in a night ride on the Beast, but it just wasn't gonna happen. Being a season pass holder in the past, I knew that the best lines early in the day were in the back of the park. He wanted to try Drop Zone, and Sonny, but I took him straight to the Beast. I was right about the lines, we walked almost straight onto the ride. We got all the way up to where they split the line for front and back. I figured 20 minute wait at the most. Well, they were only running 2 trains as maintenance was working on the third. The wait ended up being abut 45-50 minutes, and that was with a 10 minute close of the ride when some kid got off of the ride with a bloody nose. They had to close it to clean it up. Anyway once we finally got on the Beast delivered it's usual kick ass ride. My cousin, having never rode the Beast didn't know what to expect. I told him to look over to the right as we crested the lift and he was amazed. After getting off the ride he stated that they don't have anything like that in California!! A great first time experience on the worlds best Woodie!

We then headed for Vortex. Waited about 30 mins, and rode in the front seat. I hadn't been to PKI since 1999, and I was sure that Vortex was running faster.

After vortex we hit the 3D theatre. OK for a simulated ride, and was at best a temporary retreat from the heat.

We then headed for the Flight of Fear. About an hour wait for it. The last time I rode it it has shoulder harnesses which beat the crap out of you. The ride is much better without them.

After FOF we stopped for lunch, where be split a whole pizza. Then being the coaster nut that I am I thought a ride on SOB would be good right after digesting a bunch of pizza.

This was my first ride on SOB, and the line took about 25 minutes. I must say that SOB delivers a good ride, but is no where near the orignial Beast. I also wanted to compare it to CP's Millenium Force, as they were both built in 2000. In my opinion CP wins again.

After SOB we rode the Racer backwards. Then we got in line for Drop Zone. About an hour wait for what is one hell of a rush. Freefalling from 270 feet is just plain crazy.

We then headed for White Water canyon for a cool off ride. Well the wait for it was over 2hrs. NO WAY!! I thought. We went to the observation area and wasted money on shooting people with water. Which is pretty entertaining.

We then headed back to Vortex for a quick ride, this time towards the middle of the car. Still thought the ride was running faster than previous years.

After getting off of Vortex it was about 6:15. I was still holding out hope for a night ride on the Beast, whose line queue was scheduled to close at 7pm. We took a look at the Beast's line earlier in the day, and it was much longer than before, about 2+ hrs I estimated. So I figured we would get in line at about 6:55 and hope for a long wait and get a night ride on the Beast. Well since we had 45 minutes to waste my cousin wanted to get another front seat ride on the vortex. I sat that one out and had a Coke. When he got off of Vortex it was about 6:50. We headed for the Beast where we where met by a ride op, who was pretty hot BTW, and said they closed the line early because it was too long, and they wanted to have the ride closed before they started the fireworks display. We were disappointed, but got over it. We headed back to the action zone where we caught a ride on Top Gun. The park was really starting to fill up by this time due to the fireworks display, and the line for Top Gun was about 45 minutes. Usually I wouldn't wait 10 minutes for Top Gun, but since my cousin had never been to PKI, I waited. Top Gun was its usual fast ride, that finished right when it was starting to get good.

After top gun we headed for Face off which had an Extremely long line. We decided against riding it. I figured all of the people were starting to head to this part of the park because the rides in the back of the park were closing. Which explained the long lines. It was starting to cool by this time, but my cousing wanted to get in a ride on Congo Falls. Me, not wanting to freeze in the evening decided to sit it out. Sure enough he got soaked, and yes, he was cold.

By this time it was after getting close to 9pm. Drop Zone had temporarily closed for the fireworks display, so we staked out a spot in front of drop Zone, so we would get one of the first rides after it opened. 10pm came and PKI put on a Kick Ass fireworks display, where part of the display was shot off from the eiffel tower. After the fireworks Drop Zone had attracted a large crowd, and when they opened the line it resembled a riot. Anyway, we waited about 20 minutes and got a great night ride on Drop Zone. At the top of drop zone I noticed the parking lot was jammed full with cars trying to get out. After the plunge, I figured we should stay and get in another ride (the park was open till 12AM) instead of fighting traffic. We hopped in line for SOB, waited about 35 minutes, and got a wicked night ride from SOB. Doesn't compare to a night ride on the Beast, but a awesome ride nonetheless.

Overall a great day at PKI, I wish we could have got a night ride on the Beast as it is the best coaster on the planet at night. As we drove home my cousin compared PKI to Six Flags Calif. and said that PKI is much better. His reasons for this conclusion. The Beast, and Drop Zone. And even though PKI is missing a Mega Coaster like Goliath, The Beast makes up for it.

Wednesday, July 10, 2002 11:50 AM
Great TR! I want go go to PKI!

-Sean Newman
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Wednesday, July 10, 2002 12:03 PM

Hmm... I'd never thought to compare PKI & SF(I guess MM... the sign says Calif.). Well, this GP chose PKI...

But then again, I recently talked to a GP who considered SFAW a ten-times-better park than SFoT and SFFT.


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Thursday, July 11, 2002 5:58 PM
I don't understand why the park was open till midnight when some of the best rides weren't even going to be open stupid stupid stupid! Sorry you didn't get that night ride on The Beast by the way, Does anyone know why these rides were closed?

Can we change the name of Top Gun to your mom so no one wants to ride your mom?

Friday, July 12, 2002 12:39 PM

They told me they had to inspect for fires in the forest. Im sure they could have opened it for like 30 minutes but either already sent the employess home or its a typical park. If it rains all day and stops with 30 minutes they wont bother to reopen. Almost all parks would do that, i think, maybe not CP.


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