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Sunday, July 15, 2001 2:09 PM
Yesterday I went to PKI with my family and cousins and my friend ~lol. I know a big group! We got there at about noon and started on top gun. The park was packed! My longest wait ever for this ride an hour and 15 min. Then i figured I waited this long i might as well wait for the front. Lots and lots of wind. Fun ride! After that we split and me and my friend went off to look at the FoF line. Broken down Plus a 2 and a half hour wait so we said maeby later but i never got a chance to ride it! I was a little dissapointed but maeby ill have the chance to go next weekend and then i can ride it then! So next we waited for the front seat of the racers In line i saw that SOB was testing. But throughout the day it was on and off and long rediculious lines kept me from riding that that too :( Back to the racers! This is realy funny My friend has a fear of wooden Coasters So i had to literaly drag her on the racers. But we loved it. After that we took a ride on king coabra and Vortex before we met back up with our group. Drop zone had broken down at that time too and it would be for the rest of the day and night. Then we all took a ride in the beast. Again we had to drag her on this one. The only reason she would ride was because my little 6 year old sister who barely made the heighth reguirement needed someone to ride with. I sat towards the front. This thing was went sooooo fast. wow the best ride i had had on it so far... then we split back up and i got some good larosas Pizza and went for another lap on top gun. Then we all met back up again and I was very very supprised to hear that my little sister rode the Vortex! After that my parents went to sit down for a little bit and me and my friend too all of the little kids to ride adventure express. Then we all went to ride the racers again. Front seat with my dad we had a blast! By that time it was night and we all got a good night ride on Vortex! I sat in the very back car with my dad. After that it was about 10 and we knew our last ride would a nght ride on the beast. This was the greatest time I had on this ride! We got on it at 11 exactly. I rode it with my little brother. as we went over the hill the fireworks started to go off and as we came up the 2nd lift there was a problem in the station and the stopped us at the top of the second lift! They told us to sit back and enjoy the fireworks. That was the best thing of the night! that was the awesome ending to a great day!!
Sit up right, hold on tight!

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