PKI 6/9 A return

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Monday, June 9, 2003 10:31 AM
I came up to PKI for the 1st time in about a week and a half. It wasn't going to be super crowded but nice days bring people.

I 1st road SOB the new Bars are REALLY nice and confortable I loved it. To me though, it just didn't feel right. Everything was running fine it was just me. I came back not pumped up just sick.

I went on recaR next while the ride was flying I felt again it wasn't doing it. i just held on the hand bar.

I went down to the flyers next. I noticed they cut about 30 seconds. The ride stopps just as your getting the height to snap.
By this point I was ill and not having fun.

I went down to Wild thronberries to get wet cause i was hot. I then went to WWC and got soaked still didnt feel better.

I was staying over at my buddy tim's house and he had to work thats why i was there. I called my mom and had her pick me up.

A bad bad trip

Hi.....whats your name again?

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