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Friday, July 6, 2001 3:16 PM
Well my Stargate finally got their act together and updated my password software, so I'm back online. I've ridden 36 new roller coasters, 31 of which in 3 days, since I've last logged on! Hope I'm not to late to post some reports.

Anyways, let's cut to the chase. King's Island was the first park I hit. I had planned to stay an entire day (10-10,) but a storm closed the park at 6 pm, which wasn't a problem. Driving up to the park is fairly neat, but about all you can see is the top of Son of Beast, which, while large, isn't quite as spectacular as the drive up to say, SFMM, SFMW, or Cedar Point. That's just something I observed, the park lost no points in my book because of this so don't you worry.

The park itself is just gorgeous, and I mean that. That wonderful Ohio soil brewed up almost hiking-caliber forestry. LOTS of shade in the queues, and some good surprises on the coasters because of this. The entire day was absolutely line-less, because of the forecasted storm, but a blue sky and a bright sun kept everybody chipper. The only places a little uncomfortable were the Action Zone and the Kiddie place, which are both fairly new.

On to the coasters! I'm sure what I say has been said before, so I'll go minimal. I got only re-rides on Beast and Racer because of the semi-short schedule, but I managed to hit 12 of the 13 coasters, unable to ride Taxi-whatever.

Flight of Fear - (Very Front)

This had to be terrible with horsecollars, but what a ride with lap bars. You get thrown around mercilessly, especially at the end of the ride. Great with the darkness.

Racer - (Front of back car on forward) (Very Front of train for reverse)
Not much in the airtime department, but the parallel break off from racing was unexpected. Really liked going backwards, the drops seemed very long.

Vortex - (Front of second car)

I really liked this ride as well, although it did have some sharp transitions entering and exiting the turnaround. Boomerang wasn't too smooth either. I just love Arrow loopers though, and I never seem to have a bad ride on any of them. I retain my theory it has to do with the natural posture and height of the rider! Great first drop.

Beast - (Front of back car) (Very back)

Aye mate, here's a winner! I had been told this ride is a shadow of it's former self, but it still kicked my*****and made me like it. Terrain, long tunnels, and a fantastic helix formulate a very unique woodie. Highlights were the first two drops, which had much more airtime than I had thought, the turn into the under ground tunnel, the drop off the second lift, and the helix.

Face/Off - (Very back)

Incredibly intense, suprisingly smooth, and comfortable. Vekoma must make no more boomerangs, and focus on more of these! REALLY looking forward to Deja Vu now..

Son of Beast - (Front of back car)

I know I sat in a wheel seat, but I had a TERRIBLE ride. Whenever the train picked up speed, the ride would bounce hard along the tracks, which really jarred the bones in a very uncomfortable way. The only enjoyable part of the ride for me was, you guessed it, the loop. Next time I must plan my visit on a cool day and ride in the middle of a car.

Reptar - (car 3)

Really uncomfortable seats and not very smooth for a kiddie coaster, but a fairly interesting layout. I smacked my feet hard entering the lift on something, so watch out for whatever that was!

Beastie - (Very back)

Even for a kiddie coaster, incredibly smooth. Good airtime on several drops, a tunnel, and a fixed lap bar are the highlights. A little painful with long legs I'd imagine, as there is an unpadded bar close to your knees.

Ghoster Coaster - (Kind of both seats, but sat in the back)
Simply HORRIBLE capacity, neat ride though, for the all of two turns it navigates. Brakes weren't very comfortable.

Adventure Express - (Very back)

My second favorite mine train, only to SFMM's Gold Rusher. Loved all the theming and tunnels, and the ending didn't dissapoint me or anything. Just didn't have water and as much terrain as Gold Rusher though.

Top Gun - (Very front)

I've only otherwise been on SFMM's Ninja, but this is my favorite suspended only by a smidgen. Loved how it kept diving towards lower terrain, and the turns were powerful.

King Cobra - (somewhere in the middle)

My first TOGO, I was surprised at quite how much airtime those hills had! Really liked everything abouth this ride, and I can honestly say I had much more fun on it than Son of Beast.

Head on over to my SFKK report to continue!

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