PKI 5/22 Math and science day

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Thursday, May 23, 2002 9:37 AM
Great day perfect for coaster riding. When we got there we went directly to the Beast. Rode it in first car second row. About 10 minute wait. My first coaster of the season and first time on the Beast. Loved it except for the trim right before the tunneled double helix. Then went to Vortex beatiful mega arrow looper.Wait 10 minutes. Loved the hanging corkscrews a little rough on the turn after the corkscrews. Got 2 rides on Racer forwards. No line. Good woodie. Then lunch ok lunch not great not horrible. Then to Top Gun 20 minute wait for nery front row. Great suspended great layout speed the whole time. Then Son Of Beast 20 minute wait. Second car middle row (so it will not be rough) Great ride loved the force when exiting loop. Then we headed to Racer. Went past the old King Cobra spot Boards around it with red paint soying new adventure next year. Behind there is some que bamboo like. Then racer backwards 2x more air than forwards. Then Flight of Fear. Ugh longest wait of the day hour and a half. In line people line jumping it was horrible twice someone jumped in front of us then someone tried a third time I just stared at them the stayed where they were. Got in to station only 2 train operation no wonder the line never moved. Loading was slow I guess it is always slow but they have to wait also. After that Vortex 3 minute wait. Back again love the corkscrews. Then the beast no wait 3x still hate that trim They let us stayed on the second time. Love that ride can't get enough of it. Overall great day plenty of rides. Can't wait to see what the new ride is.

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