PKI 5-27-03

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Since my husband is a teacher, we were fortunate enough to score a free trip to PKI as chaperones yesterday. We arrived at 10am and headed towards the Beast. But, since TR:TR didn't seem to have much of a line, we jumped on it first. This was our first time on TR:TR and I was pleasantly surprised by the ride. It was different than anything I'd ever been on before and I enjoyed it. Ryan had left his glasses on though, and ended up taking them off during the ride and holding onto them for fear of loosing them in the lava pit!

Then we headed to the Beast for our 3 rides in a row. The lines were non-existent, except for the front seat, which we decided to wait for on the last 2 rides. The front seat was a lot of fun, and I'd have to say is my favorite seat on the ride. Ryan made me sit in the left seat though, because the first time through the helixes he whacked his shoulder sitting on the left side.

Next, we stopped by the Racers, which wasn't racing. It was only running the forward side. We hopped on the rear of the train. It was a fun ride and only a little bit rough.

We were hungry by now, so we headed to Mandarin for lunch. We both had combo meals and they were good. It was a lot of food for the money.

Next up was Delerium. After our filling lunch we thought it would be good to stand in line for awhile. But, the Delerium line was only 30 minutes long! I loved this ride! It was such a rush!

After we stood our post for a half hour so the kiddies could check in and let us know they were still alive, we headed for Face/Off. This was our first ride on Face/Off and I was again pleasantly surprised. It was really smooth. We opted for the rear seat and I think it was worth the wait. Unfortunately while in line we had some incosiderate line jumpers. Of course, there was no one to tell except a ride op once you got on the ride.

Since we were in the area, we hit Delerium again with only a 20 minute wait.

And then we headed back to Racers, we we had a rougher ride than earlier. And then back to the Beast for our final final ride of the day. We sat in the 3rd seat and it was rough! The Beast got the best of me that time.

Since we had 50 minutes to spare before rounding up the kids, we hit Delerium again with only a 20 minute wait.

Closed rides today were Adventure Express, Top Gun, and the Flying Eagles. We didn't wait for SOB, since he was only a 1 car operation. We had a great time today and are looking forward to SRM!!!

No FOF or Vortex? I went on the 28th and rode everything including runaway and beastie.

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