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Sunday, April 15, 2001 6:44 PM
I met my Brother and his family at the park, they surprised my niece, they told her they were going to the zoo!! I got my ride on Face Off, King Cobra and the first on Sonny before they got there.

After a rain shower about 3:00 the Temp dropped and the wind picked up, everything was a walk on except FoF, in my three rides (1 at PKD, 2 here) it was the longest wait 1hr 20min, dispatching was awful, one train took 5 min in the station!!

Although I don't do drop rides, I couldn't resist the demands of a 9 year old and finally rode Drop Zone, I think I have lost the fear, but it was freezing up there.

I have decided after 6 rides on Son of Beast in eight days that the back is the smoothest, it was extremely violent today in front with a half empty train.

Beast was very fast in the helix and that was enhanced by being dark in the shed.

As heard on Amtrak 44: "If you look out the left side of the Train you will see the coasters of Cedar Point." *** This post was edited by kneemeister on 4/15/2001. ***

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